Quarrel between CNDD-FDD and CNL party members in southern Bujumbura

Members of the ruling CNDD-FDD party and those of the opposition party National Congress for Liberty (CNL) have quarreled in the morning of 5 May over the organization of political rally on the football pitch commonly called ‘Kuba Chinois’.

CNDD-FDD youths and CNL party members in a heated dispute in Musaga

It’s located at Kamesa Primary School in Musaga area, in Muha commune in the south of the economic capital Bujumbura.

Each group wanted to conduct the electoral campaign on that ground.
Charles Ntakarutimana, the CNL party representative in Musaga area says his party had received the permission from the administrative authorities to carry out political activities in this place.

“They attacked us. We had to defend ourselves. We arrived here early in the morning, we planted a CNL flag and erected a tent and chairs there,” says Ntakarutimana adding that “we afterwards saw the members of CNDD-FDD who also came to plant their flags and set up tents and chairs.”
The latter insisted that they must conduct their activities in the same place.

After a lengthy dispute, Pasteur Daniel Kabura, administrator of Muha Commune accompanied by the police commissioner in Musaga area intervened. He decided to relocate CNL members.

He showed them another place located on the National Road number 7 where they shall conduct their political activities. Mr Kabura ordered CNDD-FDD members to stay away from their rivals to avoid confrontation.

Both conflicting parties appreciated the measure taken by this administrative official who has called on politicians to coexist peacefully during this election period.
“After the elections, life will go on,” he said.

At a press conference held on 5 May, Sylvestre Nyandwi, Attorney general warned members of political parties who commit offenses during the ongoing electoral campaign saying they will be punished.