Kira-Burundi Coalition denounces unfair treatment of political parties’ members

“We deplore the inertia of the national electoral commission on cases of the electoral code violation reported in various areas of the country as well as the policy of double standards being applied by the administrative and security authorities,” said Aloys Baricako, representative of Kira-Burundi Coalition at a press conference held on 8 May.

Aloys Baricako, representative of Kira-Burundi Coalition

He refers to Cathy Kezimana, a member of the opposition party CNL imprisoned since 6 May while the ruling CNDD-FDD members who insult members of other political parties during the electoral campaign are not prosecuted.
He alluded to the song “Iyo Mihimbiri Irasara” i.e, “These worthless things are crazy.” CNDD-FDD members treat their political opponents like crazy people. “Only members of the opposition parties are being prosecuted for violating the electoral code,” said Baricako.

He also expressed his concern over the issuing of the new voting cards while the cards issued on the occasion of May 2018 Constitutional Referendum were expected to be used in the upcoming 2020 elections. “If we estimate that each card costs BIF 500, CENI has spent BIF 2.5 billion for the printing of these new electoral cards, including the fees paid to CENI agents who distributed them for four days,” said Baricako who believes that the issuing of these cards aims at rigging the upcoming elections.