CNL representatives in Nyabiraba endure persecution

Officials of the opposition party CNL in Nyabiraba commune, Bujumbura province say they live in hiding following death threats they receive from members of the ruling party CNDD-FDD.

“Since the arrest of our comrade Vianney Iradukunda, we no longer sleep at home,” one CNL representative in Nyabiraba commune told Iwacu. He says that when nights fall, they hide themselves in rivers and bushes.

Vianney Iradukunda is one of the twelve CNL representatives in Nyabiraba commune, assigned to the polling station of Isagasoro II primary school. He is among the 18 CNL members detained in Mpimba central prison.

This CNL official says these persecutions are committed by the head of the ruling party CNDD-FDD supported by the Imbonerakure [CNDD-FDD youths]. “The most persecuted political opponents come from Musenyi, Raro, Mukonko and Gasarara localities,” says the source.

He also says that they submitted the issue to the administrative authorities, but they did not get any response. “The administrator of Kabezi held a meeting aimed at persecuting CNL influential members.”

This CNL representative deplores the fact that CNL families suffer the same fate. “Last night, around midnight, people threw stones at Vianney Iradukunda’s house.”
Contacted, Ferdinand Nsimbananiye, administrator of Kabezi commune refutes all these allegations that he judges to be rumors aimed at disrupting the country security.