Josette Bakunzi


Women Lawyers Association calls on ladies to be careful when choosing partners

07-03-2017 Quarrels break out in some families as a consequence of the President’s order for couples to legalize their marriage. First wives ask for the review of the law that governs marriage in Burundi. Many couples rush to commune offices to marry. The problem arises when the husband has more (...)

Cibitoke Province: Increase in number of assassinations

06-28-2017 Four people accused of witchcraft were killed within one week. The Police and provincial administration say investigations are underway to identify the perpetrators of the crimes. The latest of the victims have been killed on Saturday 19 June at Nyempundu area. “The victim’s name is Claude Nzeyimana. He was (...)

Sensitization to HIV AIDS must be stepped up, President says.

06-28-2017 On 27 June 2017, the National Council for the fight against HIV/AIDS organized an ordinary general assembly. The President of the Republic thanked the council and said there is still a long way to go. He called for much sensitization to HIV. In his opening speech, the President of (...)

Tanganyika Lake: Dumping ground

06-26-2017 Household waste, wastewaters from factories, insecticides … everything ends up in Lake Tanganyika. An environmentalist denounces a kind of “Ingratitude”. At Ku mase side,in Ngagara area of Ntahangwa commune in the north of the Burundian capital Bujumbura, a channel transports foul and dark wastewaters to Lake Tanganyika. Some locals (...)

Some self-directed learners have not been allowed to do national test

06-23-2017 Pupils of grade nine have done the national test from 20 to 22nd June 2017. Though self-directed learners were allowed to sit again for the national test, some of them have not got that chance. The 20th of June was the start of the national test for grade nine (...)

Burundi risks being deeply in debt

06-21-2017 Since 2014, public national debt is increasing. Today it exceeds BIF 1.200  billions. Parcem, a local NGO aiming at changing people’s mentality is worried about the way the debt is increasing. “The accumulation of this national debt currently represents more than BIF 1.200 billions” said Faustin Ndikumana, Executive Secretary (...)

Burundian refugees need help

06-21-2017 The World Refugee Day which is celebrated every 20th of June occurs when 413.350 Burundian have taken refuge in different countries. They call for assistance. “We have many problems some of which are related to health, education, etc.”, says Emmanuel Ntirampeba, a representative of Rusenda camp refugees in DRC. (...)

Sugar import has produced its effects

06-19-2017 Sugar price has gone down since the start of June. This decrease is due to the import of 7.000 tons of sugar and the increase of SOSUMO supply to the market. ”Now I am allowed to buy any quantity of sugar that I need without any condition”, says gladly (...)

Foreign currency transfer: Regional banks benefit

06-16-2017 NGOs have been obliged to open their foreign currency accounts at the Burundi Central Bank (BRB) since last April. Some of them and individuals receive transfer of funds via Rwandan and Congolese banks. “Following the decision of the bank of the Republic of Burundi, we created an account at (...)

Old people in Burundi need more help

06-14-2017 «We do not have enough means to nourish old people. These days, people do not help us as they used to do in the past. Because of limited means, we only care for thirty eight old people though we could shelter fifty,” says Mother Colette Murimbane, Head of Saint (...)