Burundian refugees need help

The World Refugee Day which is celebrated every 20th of June occurs when 413.350 Burundian have taken refuge in different countries. They call for assistance.

Some Burundian refugees in Rusenda camp  in the DRC

Some Burundian refugees in Rusenda camp in the DRC

“We have many problems some of which are related to health, education, etc.”, says Emmanuel Ntirampeba, a representative of Rusenda camp refugees in DRC.

He says even food and other types of assistance given to them are not sufficient, what makes their life difficult. He says they have planned to create associations in order to improve their living conditions but still do not have the capital to start their projects.

“We need improvement in education. We are afraid we will be obliged to pay ourselves school fees for our children next year if nothing is done. We cannot afford it”, says Emmanuel.

He also says their children are finishing secondary schools and have the right to continue their university studies.”We cannot hope for a better future if our children are not studying. We need help”, he says.

Another refugee from Mahama camp in Rwanda says they are thankful that UNHCR does its best to help them. “Our children are studying and even some are at university level”, he says.

He also says they are grateful to “Save the Children NGO” for having given them the capital to start some little businesses.” He says it also helps them with health care. “It has built a hospital for us”. When someone is suffering much, they can be transferred to the main hospital located at Kirehe, he says.

“Although we are thankful for what UNHCR and Save the Children do, we cannot say we are peaceful while we are outside our mother land.” He says they hope the EAC will help end the Burundi crisis by bringing together all conflicting parties in order to achieve lasting peace. “We hope to return home one day”, he says.

According to UNHCR, Burundian refugees are now estimated at 413.350 and are scattered in eight countries which are Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, the DRC, Kenya, Mozambique, Zambia and Malawi.