Cibitoke Province: Increase in number of assassinations

Four people accused of witchcraft were killed within one week. The Police and provincial administration say investigations are underway to identify the perpetrators of the crimes.

Cases of killing have taken on considerable scale in Mugina commune.

Cases of killing have taken on considerable scale in Mugina commune.

The latest of the victims have been killed on Saturday 19 June at Nyempundu area. “The victim’s name is Claude Nzeyimana. He was a wise and calm sexagenarian”, say his relatives. His neighbors accused him of witchcraft.

“He was killed with a machete”. The attack took place around 7 p.m., say the neighbors.

According to them, the old man was on the list of people who were to be killed, an information that is given by both his family and the local administration.

That situation threatens old people living in that locality. The chief of the area angrily deplores that “old people fear that they can be killed any time due to wrong accusations.”

However, the chief says other cases of similar killings have also been reported in Nyakarambo, Gitumba and Ruziba, all areas of Mugina commune of Cibitoke western province. Old people ask security forces to protect them.

Police and administration calm down the population

The communal administrator of Mugina and the chief of the police station say they are very much concerned about the situation.

These two authorities promise to enhance security and communication so that the perpetrators of those crimes should be apprehended and brought before justice.

They plan to immediately arrest everyone who is suspected of witchcraft.

The defenders of Human Rights denounce those cases of murder which have taken on a considerable scale in that commune. They ask the Justice to severely punish the perpetrators of those crimes.