Some self-directed learners have not been allowed to do national test

Pupils of grade nine have done the national test from 20 to 22nd June 2017. Though self-directed learners were allowed to sit again for the national test, some of them have not got that chance.

Some pupils sitting for the national test

Some pupils sitting for the national test

The 20th of June was the start of the national test for grade nine pupils but there are some who were not allowed to do the national test. Among them, there are pupils who have had a heart attack because they were told they would not sit for the test. It would be the second year they spend at home without attending any class.

In Cibitoke western province, at Munyika 1 and Munyika 2 basic schools, 16 self-directed learners were refused to sit for the test. They were not on the list though they said they registered. In Bubanza western province, 8 pupils were not allowed to do the test, too.

The National Federation of Associations engaged in the protection of children (FENADEB), says it is very much concerned about those pupils who did not get the permission to sit for the national test, while they were mentally prepared for a long time. According to the federation, the government would have found the solution later after it had authorized them to do the exam. In some schools, the test was done without any problem. The federation urges the Ministry of Education to find a solution for those pupils.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Education said” it is too early to give a reaction” but promised to speak later.

On 17 May, The Minister of Education issued a ministerial ordinance that all headmasters of public schools whose results are less than 30% in the national test of 2016 and 2017 editions will be dismissed from their duties in the school year 2017-2018.

“The competence of a headmaster is shown through the results obtained in the national test. Less than 30% is an indication of incompetence for the management to bring the school to the minimum threshold of quality desired in teaching”, said Janvière Ndirahisha, the Minister of Education.