Josette Bakunzi


Mkapa: “Where is my mediation going?”

06-14-2017 The facilitator, Benjamin Mkapa adopted a critical attitude at the summit of the Heads of State of the sub-region. He qualified Burundian government as “a bad pupil” of the dialogue process. The former Tanzanian President firmly invited the summit to put pressure on the Burundian government to engage in (...)

“No more wings in Uprona”, said Gashatsi

06-13-2017 Reacting to the declaration of Abel Gashatsi that Uprona is now unified, Tatien Sibomana says Gashatsi works with the ruling party. He also said Uprona has never been divided. On the 11, June, when he was in Muramvya, Abel Gashatsi, Head of Uprona wing known by the government, said (...)

Fish protection is emergency in Burundi, says maritime authority

06-12-2017 On the occasion of the celebration of the week dedicated to protecting the environment, from 6 to 11 June, the technical commission in charge of securing lake navigation burned tools forbidden to use in fishing. On June 6, the technical commission in charge of securing lake navigation patrolled along (...)

New handbook aims to safeguard Burundi‘s cultural heritage

06-10-2017 On June 7, 2017, Burundi celebrated its heritage with the launch of a handbook on the cultural values of Burundi. The manual will be available in schools across the country within one month. According to traditional values, Burundians had their own ways of solving problems, socializing and praying. Nowadays, (...)

Children should be taught democratic principles, says children’s rights defender.

06-07-2017 Reacting to the video of very young girls singing and dancing for the ruling party CNDD-FDD, Jacques Nshimirimana, Chairman of the National Federation of Associations in charge of defending Children’s rights in Burundi (FENADEB) says, children should be taught democratic principles instead of political ideologies. “Tolerance, mutual acceptance, living (...)

Night theft on the rise on some Bujumbura city streets

06-07-2017 Cases of night robbery are increasing in different corners of Bujumbura city especially along the28th November Boulevard. The victims of the attack ask the police to make regular patrols to protect them. These days, there are many attacks of bandits during the night. Many people complain that these attacks (...)