' Shaquille Mugisha: “The government should organize entrepreneurship-based competitions either in provinces or at the national level to promote the entrepreneurial spirit”.

Entrepreneurship in Burundi, emerging despite challenges

11-13-2018 During the celebration of the Global Entrepreneurship Week which started on Monday, 12th November, Burundi entrepreneurs have agreed that this sector is developing in the country despite challenges. Aimé Igiraneza, project manager at Burundi Business Incubator (BBIN) says their organization has supported more than 10,000 people since its beginning (...)
' Agathon Rwasa: “It is not at all identical in reality”

Agathon Rwasa appeals to Home Affairs Ministry decision

11-13-2018 MP Agathon Rwasa says his new political party ( National Liberty Front-FNL Amizero y’Abarundi) seeking to be approved hasn’t any similarity with any existing political party. “It is not at all identical in reality,” he has said after submitting a letter shedding light on the arguments advanced by the (...)
' Désiré Hatungimana: "It is not easy to recognize a wolf hidden among the sheep".

Pregnancy cases in schools, threat to education sector in Burundi

11-12-2018 Pregnancy cases in schools threaten the education sector. It becomes hard when those who are responsible for those pregnancies are teachers. N.J has just returned to school after dropping out due to unwanted pregnancy. The person responsible for her pregnancy is her teacher, who was hired to give her (...)
' A child receiving the vaccine in one Bujumbura Hospitals

Health ministry to launch vaccination campaign against meningococcal meningitis in December

11-09-2018 “The Ministry of Health plans to launch the vaccination campaign against meningococcal meningitis strain A from 3 to 14 December throughout the country,” said Thaddée Ndikumana, Minister of Health in a press conference held on November 8. The last vaccination against this disease took place in 1992 and its (...)
' Pascal Barandagiye Ministre de l'interieur et de la formation partriotique

Ministry of the Interior rejects Agathon Rwasa request to create new party

11-09-2018 The Ministry of the Interior has made public an answer to MP Rwasa’s request to create a new political party this November 8, 2018. It is rejected. Pascal Barandagiye, Minister of the Interior, says he could not agree to the request of MP Agathon Rwasa for the approval of (...)
' Jean Ciza: “Productive investments have almost been neglected.”

Burundi National Bank to boost productive sectors

11-09-2018 Burundi Central Bank has organized, on November 8, a debate session with managing directors of commercial banks and microfinance institutions to assess the current macroeconomic situation. They have agreed upon improving the productive investments which have almost been neglected. Jean Ciza, Governor of Burundi National Bank says there are (...)
' Venant Burikukiye

Two local CSOs against results of 5th dialogue session

11-08-2018 In a joint statement issued on November 6, CAPES and PISC Burundi local NGOs have said the office of the facilitator in the Inter-Burundian dialogue has failed. Hamza Venant Burikukiye, chairman of CAPES+ says the results of the 5th round of the Inter-Burundian dialogue bring no added value to (...)
' Heaps of stones extracted from Ntahangwa River, in northern Bujumbura

Construction material extractors and sellers in distress

11-08-2018 In the warm sun, sand, stones and gravel extractors sit along the Ntahangwa River, in north of the capital Bujumbura. They seem to be desperate. They have not been working for a month. “Our families live in extremely difficult conditions since the government suspended the activities of extracting construction (...)
' Jacques Nshimirimana: “A legal framework would help to fight against the human trafficking ”

About 4000 Burundians reported victims of human trafficking since 2015, says FENADEB

11-07-2018 Government, Civil Society Organizations and International Organizations remain concerned about human trafficking in Burundi. A debate session was organized this Tuesday, November 6, to elaborate a plan of integrated activities aimed at banning the trade of humans in the country. Jacques Nshimirimana, chairman of the national federation of associations (...)
' Kamenge Neuropsychiatric Center premises

CNPK employees warn to stage a strike within eight days

11-07-2018 Members of the committee of the National Union of Paramedical Staff and Caregivers-SYNAPA trade union working at Kamenge Neuropsychiatric Center (CNPK) issued an eight-day strike notice on 5 November. They demand the replacement of the outgoing Director General of the CNPK, Brother Hyppolyte Manirakiza by Brother Herménégilde Nduwimana. Trade (...)
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