Journalist under death threat wins media award

The Burundi Media Regulator [CNC] awarded on 4 May eight prizes to journalists who participated in the contest of Media Award Edition 2020. The prize for newspaper journalists was won by Edouard Nkurunziza working for Iwacu Press Group who has been living in hiding for more than two months.

Edouard Nkurunziza, winner of media prize for newspaper journalists

He received death threats from Englebert Ngendabanka, a parliamentarian of the ruling CNDD-FDD party elected in Cankuzo province in eastern Burundi. Ngendabanka threatened to physically eliminate the journalist after he reported on political intolerance in Cankuzo province.

Nkurunziza reported cases of members of the opposition party, National Congress for Freedom, who were abused by the Imbonerakure [CNDD-FDD youths].
Edouard Nkurunziza says he is satisfied with this prize which is awarded to him by a public media regulatory body.

“It shows that this institution recognizes my professional work,” says Nkurunziza, who regrets that he was unable to come to receive this prize and share the joy with his colleagues and the other media prize winners since he lives in hiding following these threats from MP Ngendabanka.

He dedicates this award to four journalists from Iwacu Press Groups namely Agnès Ndirubusa, Christine Kamikazi, Egide Harerimana and Térence Mpozenzi who have been detained in Bubanza Prison in western Burundi since 22 October, 2019. They were arrested when they were going to report on the clashes that erupted between the security forces and armed groups in Musigati commune of Bubanza.

“They are unjustly detained because they were arrested while searching for the truth,” says Nkurunziza. He calls on those who threaten journalists to stop that and instead contribute to the promotion of press freedom in Burundi. He encourages his colleagues to continue to inform the population and to work professionally.