Party leaders urged to use insured vehicles in electoral campaign

Agathon Rwasa, CNL Chairman and presidential candidate for the 2020 elections is concerned over the insurance issue in the electoral campaign. “Political parties have to use trucks in the electoral campaign. However, the traffic police have only accepted to grant an authorization for one truck and each commune couldn’t ask for such authorization,” complained Rwasa in a meeting organized by the Home Affairs Ministry in Gitega province, this 23 April. He said the Ministry should plead for an easy access to have this authorization. “The police should talk with insurance companies to allow that access,” he said.

A Fuso-branded truck carrying passengers

Térence Mbonabuca, Director of Patriotism Department in the Ministry of Home Affairs says trucks are used to carry materials rather than passengers although its use is exceptional in electoral period. “Insurance companies should agree upon the use of trucks with the traffic police to handle the issue,” he says.

As for Emile Manisha, commissioner of judicial police representing the Security Ministry in a meeting with political leaders and candidates for the upcoming elections organized by the electoral body, this April 21, the traffic police won’t tolerate uninsured vehicles. “These “Fuso-branded” vehicles must be insured with a limited number of passengers when used in propaganda activities”, he said adding that they must pay for insurance to avoid any problem with the police who are there to enforce the law.

Tatien Sibomana, Executive Secretary of the Association of Insurers of Burundi-ASSUR says these vehicles are not for personal use. “They are 100% exposed”, he said.