2020 elections: Kira Burundi files complaints to President

Kira Burundi coalition submitted a memorandum, on April 15, to President Pierre Nkurunziza denouncing irregularities made by the electoral body in charge of organizing the upcoming elections.

Aloys Baricako: “The electoral body seeks to discourage the coalition members and to ban them from doing political activities”.

“We want to raise a last alarming cry to the Head of State so that he can guarantee Kira Burundi coalition. We want to receive similar treatment as other competitors from the electoral body,” says Aloys Baricako, Chairman of Kira Burundi coalition at a press conference. He says if other competitors have had the right to correct their lists and possibly add the missing parts, both in the municipal and legislative elections, there is no reason that this right should be denied to the coalition. “We are very concerned over CENI’s approach on transparency, fairness and exclusivity of the electoral process,” he says adding that the electoral body would contradict the will of Burundi President.

For him, the electoral body seeks to discourage the coalition members and “to ban” them from doing political activities. “The Head of State should positively or negatively reply to our concerns but the coalition must identify other strategies to be used,” he says. Baricako has also indicated that the electoral body only validated the files of four provinces whereas the coalition submitted the files in 14 provinces in the legislative election. So far, Kira Burundi coalition will participate in the presidential and legislative elections set on May 20.

Contacted, Jean Claude Karerwa Ndenzako, Spokesperson for President Pierre Nkurunziza says he will react after receiving the memorandum at the office of the President.