' Alain Guillaume Bunyoni: “72 cases of murderers were reported during this 3rd term of 2018”

Security Ministry committed to improving security, says minister

10-16-2018 While presenting the 3rd term achievements of 2018, the Minister of Public Security says there has been an improvement in the fight against criminality in Burundi but says there is still a long way to go. Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, Minister of Public Security says the security situation is generally (...)

Three people killed in Cibitoke province

10-09-2018 At least three people were reportedly killed in an attack perpetrated on “Camakombe” hill in Mugina Commune of Cibitoke western province. “A mother and her child were shot dead when armed people attacked her household at around 3:25 a.m. on October 8”, says a neighbor of the victim. He (...)
' Anicet Ndayizeye: "Rwanda continues to provoke us"

Member of security committee and wife murdered in Kayanza province

09-20-2018 Daniel Ngendakumana was a member of the security committee and representative of the Imbonerakure (youth affiliated to the ruling party) in Rugazi zone. The young man aged 27 was killed with his wife, 24, this Tuesday 18 September 2018 in Kabarore commune, Kayanza province. Anicet Ndayizeye, Governor of Kayanza (...)
' Ménédore Ntirampeba: “In the next meeting, each company will have to present a report of changes already made".

Private security companies given two months to comply with regulations.

09-14-2018 The security ministry warns private security companies that do not comply with regulations. In a meeting with private security and surveillance companies that operate in Bujumbura, Ménédore Ntirampeba, Director General of the department of planning and strategic studies at the ministry of public security has given a two- month (...)
' Ngozi chief town

Two injured in armed attack in Ngozi city, northern Burundi

09-04-2018 Two unidentified armed people carried out an attack in the night of September 2, at around 10 pm in Gabiro neighborhood, Ngozi city in northern Burundi. They shot two people, including a woman and a man, according to sources on the spot. “A man in police uniform and another (...)
' Congolese asylum seekers in Cishemere transit site

Over 80 Congolese asylum seekers hosted in Cibitoke province within a week

09-01-2018 Eight Congolese families, from Banyamulemge community made of 39 people spent the night of 30 August at the office of Rugombo commune, Cibitoke province in northwestern Burundi. They fled the attacks being carried out by Mayi Mayi rebels against Banyamulenge community based in Bijombo locality, Uvira territory, in South-Kivu (...)
' The place where Bankuwunaze was attacked

One person seriously wounded by people armed with machetes in southern Bujumbura

08-31-2018 Gilbert Bankuwunaze ran into an ambush staged by unidentified people armed with machetes and clubs when he was going home on foot. They wounded him on the head and mouth. The incident occurred in the night of August 29 around 11 pm in Kibenga neighborhood, Muha Commune in south (...)
' Martin Nivyabandi: “There is tranquility everywhere in the country”.

Burundi: Difficult to identify figures of disappeared people, says Human Rights Minister

08-31-2018 While the World celebrates the day of Disappeared People on every 30 August, it is not easy to identity figures in Burundi despite their existence. Minister of Human Rights, however, comforts the families of victims. Martin Nivyabandi, Minister of Human Rights, Gender and Social Affairs, says there are cases (...)
' The three journalists persecuted are from “Radio Culture” local radio station.

Three Burundian journalists from local radio mistreated by police while reporting

08-28-2018 Alain Majesté Barenga, Bella Gloria Kimana, Alain Niyomucamanza, three journalists from a local radio station “Radio Culture” and Armand Bigirumuremyi, their driver have been mistreated this morning of 27 August by the police agents. They were collecting information on the misunderstandings that occurred between the local residents and administration (...)
' Victims of floods in “Mayengo” Site have been moved from “Cashi” site in February 2018

Rumonge: Flood victims in “Mayengo” site deplore harsh living conditions

08-23-2018 About 200 families, victims of floods that hit Muhuta and Bugarama communes of Rumonge southern province in February 2018, still ask for assistance. They say they do not have a shelter and plots to cultivate. Recently, they have been moved from “Cashi” to Mayengo site in Rumonge Commune. They (...)
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