' Fire has damaged all goods in the food store

Six compartments caught fire in Bujumbura city centre

12-07-2016 At 7:30 a.m., the fire erupted on “Avenue du Marché” in Bujumbura city centre, nearby the Bujumbura Central Market which was burnt on 27 January 2013. A drugstore, a food store, a sheet shop and a veterinary pharmacy have been seriously damaged while two others have been slightly burnt. (...)
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Police uncover migration fraud that swindled victims out of millions

12-07-2016 The police have discovered a serious migration scam that had been defrauding victims of large sums of money in Bujumbura from 2013. A serious migration scam by a fake organisation promising people visas to Australia has been discovered by the police after an alert by victims who came to (...)
' Pierre Nkurikiye: “The population must inform security forces about any suspicious activity in their areas”

Police are informed about possible terrorist attacks in Burundi

12-06-2016 “The police are aware of the possible terrorist attacks these days. Some measures have been taken to strengthen security”, says Pierre Nkurikiye, spokesperson of the police. He says it is not the first time Burundi receives information on terrorist attacks. “Burundi has been receiving information on possible terrorist attacks (...)
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Willy Nyamitwe assassination attempt worsens the situation

12-05-2016 On Monday, November 28, 2016, Willy Nyamitwe, senior communication advisor to President Nkurunziza, escapes an assassination attempt in Kajaga area of Mutimbuzi commune of Bujumbura Province. Charges arise from all sides. His assassination attempt creates confusion. Directed by Fabrice Manirakiza, Edouard Madirisha, Christian Bigirimana, Rénovat Ndabashinze and Egide Nikiza. (...)
' A car’s rear-wheels get caught on high of a pillar of a roadside building it has ploughed into.

Police spokesman: “Police and military don’t violate road safety code”

12-01-2016 Pierre Nkurikiye, the spokesman of the Burundi national police, refutes the accusations by the chairman of the road safety watchdog organization (OSR) that soldiers and police officers violate or fail to enforce the road safety code. The police spokesman said the accusations have no other purpose than tarnishing the (...)
' The locality where Willy Nyamitwe's vehicle was shot

Senior advisor to Burundi President survived an assassination attempt

11-29-2016 Willy Nyamitwe, senior advisor to President Pierre Nkurunziza in charge of communication has survived an assassination attempt in the capital Bujumbura in the night of the 28th November. Nyamitwe was slightly injured on his arm, one of his bodyguards killed and another one seriously injured. “He was attacked while (...)
' A cross drawn overnight on a home of an alleged political opponent in the municipality of Rumonge

Rumonge : Crosses allegedly drawn on homes of political opponents

11-29-2016 Over the last week, residents of Mugomere and Birimba, two districts in the municipality of Rumonge (southern province), found black crosses drawn on their walls and fences overnight. Sources on the spot claim that the crosses were drawn by Imbonerakure [youth affiliated to the ruling CNDD-FDD party] on homes (...)
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Army officials seek to allay cadets’ fears for security

11-25-2016 “Be aware of unverified information on social media, and don’t listen to radios transmitting misleading information”, said Gaston Sindimwo, first Vice President, at a meeting with cadets who are often targeted with alarming information about their security. He called on the cadets to show unity and solidarity and told (...)
' Mwaro province Chief town

Five people injured in an armed attack in Mwaro Province

11-23-2016 Five men, namely Isaac Sindayigaya, Richard Ndayisenga, Claude Nimbona, Georges Manirabona, Bizimana Hilaire were seriously injured in an attack by people armed with machetes and big sticks in the Muyange Zone of Nyabihanga Commune of Mwaro central province of Burundi. The incident took place in the night of 21 (...)
' Ethnic balance required when recruiting new army officers

Ethnic balance required when recruiting new army officers

11-22-2016 A team made of lecturers from the University of Burundi and the Higher Institute of Military Officers [ISCAM] begun  on 21 November 2016 correcting copies of officer candidates who applied to join the ISCAM 2016 edition. Gaspard Baratuza, the spokesman of the Burundi army says all copies will be (...)