' A police vehicle attacked with grenades in center of Bujumbura

A police vehicle attacked with grenades in center of Bujumbura

09-20-2016 Bwiza residents report that two grenades exploded in the night of September,19 around 8pm on the 3rd Avenue, in Bwiza neighborhood of Bujumbura capital center. “A police pickup truck was on this avenue. Suddenly, we heard a grenade explosion. After a few minutes of silence, another one exploded. We (...)
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Rwanda: Imbonerakure capture Rwandans in the Akanyaru valley

09-15-2016 Imbonerakure have kidnapped and ransomed Rwandan civilians in the Akanyaru Valley in the south of Rwanda, locals in the southern province say. Security in Rwanda’s Akanyaru Valley has worsened since July, locals told Iwacu. Imbonerakure sleep in the valley. When we go there to look for grass for cattle, (...)
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Senior military commander targeted in grenade attack

09-14-2016 An unknown criminal has thrown a grenade around 7pm on 13 September in Carama neighborhood of Ntahangwa Commune in Bujumbura, the capital. The attack allegedly targeted a senior military officer and former AMISOM commander, currently working in the defense ministry. “We were sitting near a container when the grenade (...)
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No investigation results on Italian nuns murdered in Bujumbura so far

09-09-2016 Two years on, Xaverian missionary sisters of Mary were brutally murdered in twin attacks on Sunday 7 September and 8 September Monday in their convent known as Guido Maria Conforti parish in the north of Bujumbura. The police said that two sisters, Olga Raschietti and Lucia Pulici, aged 75 (...)
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Two dead bodies discovered in Rusizi River

09-08-2016 Two dead bodies of a man and a woman were found this Tuesday, 6 September in the Rusizi River, in Rusiga locality of Rugombo municipality in Cibitoke, the western province of Burundi. The information was provided by farmers who were working along the Rusizi River. Local residents were not (...)
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People killed in west of Burundi

09-05-2016 Two men, including an accountant of Mpanda hospital called Amédé Niyorugira and Innocent Busoni, a businessman, were killed yesterday around 9p.m in Nyamabere locality in the western province of Bubanza According to Pierre Nkurikiye, the spokesperson of the Burundian police, armed men driving in “T.I” type vehicle shot them (...)
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NGO to fight Burundi victimization is born

09-01-2016 The local organization NAD (New Action for Development) was founded to improve the image of Burundi at the international level and protect the Burundi youth from manipulators. Joseph Maniramfasha, the legal representative of the NGO, explained that their objectives are to fight “disinformation and rumours about Burundi propagated by (...)
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Rumours cause army officers to desert, says the army spokesman

08-22-2016 Four Burundian army officers have deserted after the completion of their studies in Ethiopia. Reportedly, they feared for their security. But Col. Gaspard Baratuza says the soldiers’ fear was caused by false information on social media. Those officers are said to have asked for a political asylum because they (...)
' Alert – “Finding Jean” Operation / Mubarazi 2:50 p.m.: a headless corpse has been found!

Alert – “Finding Jean” operation / Mubarazi River 4:05 p.m.: the second body still bandaged up around the head

08-11-2016 A second body was not easily removed from the Mubarazi River. Journalists have found that the body was loaded with a bag of rocks. Another macabre surprise : Before the execution, murderers had put a bandage around the head of the victim (Additional Information will follow) (...)
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Total panic among Kinindo residents

08-11-2016 “In the early morning of 9th August, we saw a car that seemed to be abandoned in a gutter on the street commonly called “Kuba chinois” in Kinindo area, south of Bujumbura. We were surprised because we didn’t know what had happened,” said a shopkeeper met there. He explained (...)