' Unlike the threat she received last March that was painted in blood on the wall, the new threat was issued in a letter supposedly signed by an identified police commissioner.

New threat to wife of missing journalist: “you will soon join him …”

06-21-2017 “We will not be held accountable for your blood”, says the author of the threat. The wife of Jean Bigirimana, the former Iwacu journalist who went missing from July 2016, has received a chilling message threatening her with death, a second threat she has received in the last three (...)
' Pierre Nkurikiye, Spokesman for the Police, says it’s hard to explain the high criminal homicide in Kirundo

Murder of wife by husband highlights criminal homicide peculiarity about Kirundo province

06-20-2017 The northern province of Kirundo is peculiarly rife with criminal homicide between spouses. The police say they cannot explain the phenomenon. The latest case: a man fatally battered his wife on Monday around midnight, the police report. Gabriel Nyabenda fatally injured his wife, Francine Nsengimana. The reports say he (...)
' A grenade was thrown in a bar, killed two people and wounded nine

Four people killed in Bujumbura

06-15-2017 At least four people have been killed and a dozen of others wounded in different attacks perpetrated in the capital Bujumbura between 14 and 15 June. The recent victim is Aimable Hakizimana, a resident of Kinindo neighborhood of the Burundian capital Bujumbura. He was shot dead on 15 June (...)
' Shops caught fire in “Ndayizamba” Gallery

Shops and sewing machines caught fire in Bujumbura city center

06-13-2017 About forty shops and 104 sewing machines caught fire; clothes for men and women, and other goods went up in smoke. It was around 2p.m. on 11 June when the fire erupted in “Ndayizamba” Gallery, the shop located between the company that supplies water and electricity [Regideso] and “Le (...)
' Expired and falsified drugs seized by the police

Expired and fake drugs seized in Bujumbura

06-10-2017 The police discovered a large quantity of expired and fake drugs in the capital on 8 June. The police seized the drugs from a private house on 3rd Avenue in Muramvya, Kinama. The drugs included suppositories, quinine and paracetamol amongst other things. Two people, the spouse and the brother (...)
' Nothing has been saved from the burning house

House catches fire at “Mutanga Nord”

06-08-2017 Anselme Wakana, the owner of the house says it was around midday on 8 June when the fire broke out in a house located in Inkondo Avenue, Mutanga Nord area in the Ntahangwa commune in the north of the Burundian capital Bujumbura. “Everything in the house has caught alight (...)
' The compound in Mutanga –Nord area, north Bujumbura, where the break-in took place

House burglaries cause fear among Bujumbura residents

06-07-2017 Many cases of break-in by armed bandits are increasingly reported in the capital Bujumbura. The police say investigations are ongoing to track down the criminals. On Tuesday, 6th June at around 8a.m, armed gangsters broke into Bénigne’s house in Kinindo zone, Matana Avenue. They came by a car (Probox (...)
' The28th November Boulevard where night attacks often occur

Night theft on the rise on some Bujumbura city streets

06-07-2017 Cases of night robbery are increasing in different corners of Bujumbura city especially along the28th November Boulevard. The victims of the attack ask the police to make regular patrols to protect them. These days, there are many attacks of bandits during the night. Many people complain that these attacks (...)
' The trainees getting ready to practice the disposal of explosives.

Burundi boosts its explosive disposal and ammunition stock control capacity

06-04-2017 The training seeks to prevent potential devastating incidents in country that is at high risks of accidental explosions, according to the Mines Advisory Group (MAG). Until last week Burundi police had only three officers qualified to dispose of explosives. Eleven new officers of the civil protection police received a (...)
' Burundian soldiers on parade in Bujumbura

23 officers dismissed from the Burundian army

06-01-2017 According to a presidential decree issued on 26 May, 23 officers have been dismissed from the Burundi National Defense Forces. They are accused of deserting Burundian army. One of dismissed officers accuses the government of repressing the soldiers of the former armed forces (ex FAB). The spokesman for the (...)