' European parliament accuses Burundi government of human rights violations

European parliament accuses Burundi government of human rights violations

01-20-2017 This Thursday 19 January 2017, the European parliament has written to the Burundi government, spelling out a number of accusations about human rights violations. It has also condemned the law legalising the “Imbonerakure”, a violent youth militia, according to the European parliament. The European parliament says its report on (...)
' Félix Nsabimana, Chief of Cibitoke zone: "Peace and security are currently prevalent."

Several Mutakura and Cibitoke residents back home

01-17-2017 Residents of Mutakura and Cibitoke areas located in northern Bujumbura say several of their neighbors who had fled to other places during the demonstrations against President Pierre Nkurunziza’s third term have now returned except some who went abroad. About 50 percent of the refugees have returned, local administration says. (...)
' Burundian troops in Peacekeeping mission in Somalia-AMISOM

Burundi soon withdrawing its troops from Somalia…

01-16-2017 The deputy head of the civilian cabinet to the president wrote a letter on January 10 to the minister of foreign affairs emphasizing the imminent withdrawal and immediate return of Burundian troops engaged in peace keeping mission in Somalia. According to Dr Sabine Ntakarutimana, Deputy Head of the civilian (...)
' The number of killings is increasing in Muyira zone, a person killed on 11 January 2016

Six people arrested following death of three people in Kanyosha

01-16-2017 Three people have been killed in an attack perpetrated in Kavumu area of Muyira zone in Kanyosha commune of Bujumbura Province, on 14 January. Six people have been arrested for investigations. Unknown armed men shot three people including two men and a kid aged 10 in Kavumu area of (...)
' Pierre Nkurikiye, Spokesman for the Police: “We realized there are two types of kidnapping: Simulated and real kidnapping”

Cases of kidnapping on the rise in Burundi, police say

01-13-2017 The spokesman for the Burundian national police, Pierre Nkurikiye, held a press conference on Thursday clarifying the acts of kidnapping and swindling that are becoming more common in Burundi. Recently, there have been many cases of kidnapping all over the country, the police conducted investigation. “Since 2015 the rate (...)
' A mass grave in Gasenyi locality of Rusaka Commune in Mwaro Central Province.

Mass grave dating from 1972 discovered in Mwaro province

01-12-2017 People, who were preparing the ground to build a new school in Gasenyi locality in Rusaka commune of Mwaro central Province, have discovered a mass grave which contains bones and skulls of people. Some of the residents found in that locality on Wednesday 11 January 2017 say the mass (...)
' Cibitoke Province Office

Two people accused of witchcraft killed in western Burundi

01-11-2017 Felix Ntukamazina and Onesphore Marondereye were killed in the evening of 8 January in Mageyo area, Butahana district, Mabayi Municipality in Cibitoke north-western province. Local sources reported that the perpetrators of the double crime were armed with clubs and machetes. Masabarakiza Pascal, Administrator of Mabayi Commune admits that that (...)
' The grave of Emmanuel Niyonkuru, Burundi Environment  Minister

Burundian Environment Minister Buried at Mpanda cemetery

01-10-2017 Emmanuel Niyonkuru, Minister of Water, Environment and Urban Territory, 54, has been buried at Mpanda Cemetery in Bubanza Province, on 10 January. He was shot dead on the New Year’s Eve on his way home. Burial ceremonies of the Minister of Environment have taken place in the capital Bujumbura. (...)
' A dead body discovered in Musaga

Security disrupted in some areas of Burundi

01-09-2017 Heavy gunshots have been heard in Kanyosha neighborhood of Muha Commune in the capital Bujumbura. “It was around 10 p.m. when we heard gunshots in Kanyosha area”, said one resident of the neighborhood. Moise Nkurunziza, Deputy Spokesperson for the Burundian Police says the shootings came from the police station. (...)
' Confusion about Assassination of Environment Minister

Confusion about Assassination of Environment Minister

01-09-2017 Who and why? Grey areas remain over the assassination of Emmanuel Niyonkuru, Minister of Environment, on New Year’s Eve. Iwacu goes back to his last hours and provides an update on the investigation. Written by Fabrice Manirakiza, Agnès Ndirubusa and Hervé Mugisha. Translated by Pierre Emmanuel Ngendakumana While 2017 (...)