' Caption: One person was killed and three others wounded by a grenade thrown into a house located in Murwi.

One killed in grenade attack in Murwi

06-14-2018 One person was killed and three others wounded by a grenade thrown into a house located in Murwi Commune chief town, in Cibitoke western province in the night of Tuesday 12 June. Sources on the spot say the perpetrator would have tossed the grenade through the window while family (...)
' Gitega

Two persons killed in grenade attack in Gitega

06-12-2018 Two people were killed and 22 others wounded in a grenade attack that occurred in the night of June 10 in Birohe area of Gitega Commune in Gitega central province. A woman who was selling peanuts died on the spot and seven people including one soldier were seriously injured. (...)
' Pierre Nkurikiye: « The attackers wanted to steal the victim’s car”

Burundi: Man shot dead in north of Bujumbura

06-08-2018 It was around 8:00 p.m. this 7 June when residents of Ngagara neighborhood in Ntahangwa urban commune of the capital Bujumbura heard shootings in the area. Vincent Barisharije, a taxi driver ran into an ambush laid by two bandits along “Buconyori” boulevard. According to eyewitnesses, the attackers threatened him (...)
' an uncovered hole on the 2nd avenue at Bwiza zone.

Bwiza residents worried about uncovered septic tanks located in streets

05-25-2018 On some avenues of Bwiza zone, in central Bujumbura, there are uncovered septic tanks that often cause accidents. Some residents of the Bwiza area fear for their road safety. On the 4th avenue of the zone, near the office of Bwiza zone, there are two uncovered holes in the (...)
' University of Burundi, Mutanga Campus.

Students worried about increase in security agents on Mutanga campus

05-16-2018 The number of security agents on Mutanga Campus has been increased .Some students especially those from the opposition parties say they are worried. The officer in charge of security on campus reassures them. “There has been an increase in the number of police officers who ensure security on the (...)
' Sylvestre Nyandwi, Burundi Attorney General: “We call on DRC authorities to cooperate in the ongoing investigation”

Inquiry Commission to identify perpetrators of Ruhagarika massacre established, Attorney General says

05-15-2018 A group of people carried out an attack which claimed the lives of 26 people and left 7 others injured in Ruhagarika area of Buganda Commune in Cibitoke western province, in the night of May 11 2018. “The first elements of the investigation reveal that these criminals came from (...)
' The inhabitants of Ruhagarika area in great consternation

Buganda: 26 dead and 7 wounded in an attack

05-12-2018 Twenty four people died on the spot and two others at the hospital after their evacuation in Bujumbura city. This has been said this Saturday, May 12, by Alain-Guillaume Bunyoni, Minister of Public Security, after an attack perpetrated in the night of this Friday in Ruhagarika area of Buganda (...)
' Displaced Somalis fetching water from taps installed by Burundian troops

Withdrawal of AMISOM, “Gradual process”

05-11-2018 Resolution 2372 provides for the withdrawal of troops from the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) by 2021. However, this operation will take into account the realities on the ground. “Indeed, this resolution states that in 2021, the transition will have to be completed. But, it stipulates that this (...)
' University of Burundi, Mutanga Campus.

Some students denounce torture by fellows on Mutanga campus every night

05-09-2018 A number of students from the University of Burundi, Mutanga Campus, accuse their fellows affiliated to the ruling CNDD-FDD, also members of a joint security committee of torturing them. The victims demand that security be ensured by the police. The chief of the police station in charge of ensuring (...)
' The house of Balthazar Nzeyimana where those five people were arrested

Police arrest five people accused of holding illegal meeting in Buyenzi

05-08-2018 Sources report that police officers alongside agents of the National Intelligence Service arrested five people including the former administrator of Buyenzi Commune Barthazar Nzeyimana. They were all at his home located on the 21th Avenue in Buyenzi district in the center of the capital Bujumbura in the night of (...)
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