Perpetrators of recent attacks in Bujumbura province not yet identified

People not yet identified have carried out armed attacks since 19 February in Mutambu, Nyabiraba, Isare and Kanyosha communes of Bujumbura province. Two police officers and more than 20 combatants died in these attacks, said Pierre Nkurikiye, spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Security at a press conference held on 25 February. He also says the attacks were carried out by a group of criminals who came from the DRC. Burundian police have dismantled this group of criminals that also committed armed robbery in Gitega province.

Nadine Gacuti, Governor of Bujumbura province holding security meeting in Muyira commune

In a security meeting held on 26 February in Muyira commune of Bujumbura province, Deo Bigirimana, provincial police commissioner in Bujumbura said a group of people armed with rifles and knives appeared in Nyabiraba commune at around 11 a.m. on 19 February. The security forces chased them and caught five of them while three others were killed. “The police have seized two rifles,” he said, adding that the security forces, in collaboration with the population, will continue to search for weapons that would be hidden in some households.

Nadine Gacuti, Governor of Bujumbura province calls on the population to remain vigilant. “We do not know if these attacks were carried out by thieves or criminals. The enemy has infiltrated into the area,” alerted Gacuti, in a security meeting. She calls terrorists those fighters who dared to attack during the day. “I do not understand how 10, 20 or 30 armed people can take the road during the day without destination,” she said, adding that “the majority of combatants are the residents of Bujumbura province.

Didace Nzambimana, representative of the opposition party CNL in Muyira regretted that many CNL members were arrested in their homes after the attacks by unidentified people. He, however, appreciated that some of these members were released and promised join security committee in order to contribute to strengthening peace and security.