' Hamza Venant Burikukiye and Jean Marie Nduwimana, respective chairmen of CAPES+ and PISC-Burundi

Rights groups allied to Burundi Government: “No more need for EAC facilitation”

04-11-2017 PISC Burundi and CAPES+ groups claim they base their conclusion on remarkable social, political and economic improvements that have already been achieved. Two collectives of rights groups say inter-Burundian dialogue facilitated by EAC is no more necessary. Hamza Vénant Burikukiye and Jean Marie Nduwimana, respective legal representatives of PISC-Burundi (...)
' The troublemakers who conducted the attack in Gihanga Commune would have retreated into the Rukoko Natural Reserve

Security undermined in some areas of Burundi at weekend

04-10-2017 On 9 April at 20: 30 in the evening, an armed group ambushed a transportation vehicle going from Bujumbura city council to Gatumba zone of Bujumbura Province. Residents of the locality say they heard shootings but they did not know what was happening. “The troublemakers wanted to steal the (...)
' Mgr-jean-Louis-Nahimana-600x537

Bishop Jean-Louis Nahimana: “The administration will not steer our work”

04-10-2017 In recent days, some people have raised their voices denouncing cheating attempts that could jeopardize the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s independence in setting up its branches. Bishop Jean Louis Nahimana, Chairman of the commission raises some ambiguities. Iwacu made an exclusive interview with him. Has the Truth and Reconciliation (...)
' Bishop Jean Louis Nahimana: “Stakeholders in Burundi crisis are politically motivated.”

CVR calls for human rights respect and good governance to end crisis

04-07-2017 “Different commissions were set up by Burundi Government but no lasting solutions have been found for a sustainable peace”, says Bishop Jean Louis Nahimana, Chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CVR) while speaking about the commission’s achievements two years after its creation. He says the main cause is (...)
' http://www.iwacu-burundi.org/englishnews/weapon-seizure-causes-fear-among-nyanza-lac-residents/

Weapons seized in Nyanza-Lac cause fear among residents

04-05-2017 After the consecutive seizure of weapons in Nyanza-Lac Commune of Makamba southern province, residents of the locality fear a possible security destabilization. The administration reassures. Seven weapons have been seized in Kazirabageni zone of Nyanza-Lac Commune in Makamba southern province of Burundi in one week. Seven people were arrested (...)
' New leadership, new views: Marina Barampama and Kassim Abdul, respectively the former and the new leaders of UPD-Zigamibanga

New support for amendment to Burundi Constitution

04-04-2017 With the new leadership, UPD-Zigamibanga party has made a U-turn and is all for the amendment to the Constitution. In the wake of a controversial new leadership, an opposition party backs the government plan to amend the Constitution. Kassim Abdul, who has controversially taken the leadership of the UPD-Zigamibanga (...)
' Soldiers being cheered by protesters in 2015. At times, protesters were seen hiding behind soldiers to escape police violence

Having political sympathies is an “insult” for armed forces, says political scientist

04-04-2017 Dr Elias Sentamba says armed forces should be politically neutral for peace and prosperity to reign in a country. It’s an “insult” for a member of the defence and security bodies to identify with a political party, said Dr Elias Sentamba, a political scientist, on Monday 3 April speaking (...)
' Pierre Celestin Ndikumana , the chairman of parliamentary group of  ‘Mizero y'abarundi alliance

60 arbitrarily arrested within one week, according to political alliance

04-01-2017 The parliamentary group of the political alliance Amizero y’Abarundi, (Hope of Burundians) announced on 29 March that 60 people were arbitrarily arrested between 20 and 26 March. It accuses the National Intelligence Service (SNR) and police officers of being responsible for these violations of human rights. FNL”More than 60 (...)
' Students of the University of Burundi are resolute to go on strike as planned

Two Burundi University students detained by Intelligence Service

03-30-2017 Elysée Dushime, a student at the University of Burundi in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, in Financial Accounting Section, third year and Audace Nkunzimana, a student in the Institute for Applied Pedagogy (IPA) in Bio-Chemistry Section , third year were arrested on 28 and 29 March respectively. (...)
' The opening of the 6th East African Health and Scientific Conference and International Health Exhibition and Fair on 29 March in Bujumbura

Burundi hopes to benefit from EAC health and scientific expertise

03-30-2017 As Burundi hosts the 6th East African Health and Scientific Conference, the Public Health Ministry, says such regional undertaking has potentials to help the country cope with health issues. “It is necessary that we sit together with doctors and people with different expertise [of the region] to decide on (...)