' Arusha second session is to begin soon.

Inter-Burundian dialogue resumes next week in Arusha

02-11-2017 Burundi Dialogue Facilitator’s office has announced the resumption of the dialogue from 16 to 18 February in Arusha. Eight points are on the agenda. “Everyone is invited to participate in this dialogue so that we can find solutions to our problems but through an inclusive dialogue”, says Willy Nyamitwe, (...)
' Tatien Sibomana:  “Why are Tutsi former Vice-President and the Speaker of National Assembly not invited?”

Tutsi not sufficiently represented in dialogue, says political opponent

02-09-2017 Tutsi minorities were not sufficiently represented in inter-Burundian dialogue rounds held in Arusha, according to a member of UPRONA party, the wing not recognized by Burundi government. He asked the Facilitator in the Burundi conflict to enhance the representation of Tutsi in the next dialogue rounds. «We expressed our (...)
' Burundian troops in Peacekeeping mission in Somalia-AMISOM

Three Burundi peacekeepers in Somalia injured in ambush

02-07-2017 Colonel Gaspard Baratuza, Burundi Army spokesperson, says the Islamist group “El-Shaabab” has ambushed the Burundian peacekeeping troops’ convoy in Somalia, this 7 February in the afternoon. He also says three Burundian peacekeeping troops have been seriously injured and evacuated to hospital for treatment. “Others have been immediately treated on (...)
' Presumed rebels?

Presumed rebels?

02-06-2017 124 Burundians from the prisons of Uvira and Bukavu in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo were handed over to Burundian authorities on 31 January. An action which has not been understood. Written by Agnès Ndirubusa and translated by Pierre Emmanuel Ngendakumana “I am a ‘rebel refugee’. I boarded (...)
' Pierre Nkurikiye the Burundi police spokesman: “some police officers who live with Nduwimana say he has started to show some signs of madness”

Eight policemen injured after being shot by their colleague

02-02-2017 Eight policemen have been injured after they were shot by their colleague Samuel Nduwimana, one of the police officers in charge of road safety-PSR, in the early morning of this Thursday 2 February 2017. Pierre Nkurikiye, Spokesman for the Burundian police, says Nduwimana woke up at 2 am, took (...)
' Frédéric Bamvuginyumvira and Alice Nzomukunda , two CNARED members suspended from the governing board.

Two CNARED Board members temporarily suspended

02-01-2017 Alice Nzomukunda and Frédéric Bamvuginyumvira, two former Burundi deputy presidents, have been suspended temporarily from the governing board of CNARED. They are accused of serious and flagrant violation of the platform’s code of conduct. Alice Nzomukunda, Chairman of the ADR-Imvugakuri and Frédéric Bamvuginyumvira, Chairman of Sahwanya Frodebu, have been (...)
' DRC hands over 124 youths to Burundi Government

DRC hands over 124 youths to Burundi Government

02-01-2017 124 Burundians from different jails of the Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC have been handed over to Burundian authorities this Tuesday 31 January 2017. The “repatriation” was voluntary, says Marcelin Luhoyo Tchichambo, Governor of South Kivu bordering Burundi. There were crowds of Burundians and Congolese at the Burundi-Congo frontier in (...)
' Tatien Sibomana:  “Why are Tutsi former Vice-President and the Speaker of National Assembly not invited?”

Tanzania should obey regional and international conventions on refugees

02-01-2017 Tatien Sibomana, one of the Burundi opposition politicians, has said on Monday 30 January 2017 that the decision to ban the refugees’ entry must be taken in compliance with international and regional conventions on refugees. The Tanzanian government has banned the entry of refugee groups from the Great Lakes (...)
' cnared

Dissension within opposition platform over executive board term

01-31-2017 The term of the Executive Board of the National Council for the Arusha Agreement and Rule of Law-CNARED expired on 25 January. Members are divided over the term limit and accuse one another of violating the regulations governing the platform. “The opposition platform –CNARED has no board since 25 (...)
' Passengers from Rumonge to Congo travel by small overloaded boats with no life jackets

Lake Tanganyika: Burundian Travelers to Congo concerned about safety

01-31-2017 Burundi travelers who go to the Democratic Republic of Congo from Rumonge port via Lake Tanganyika are worried about their safety because they travel in life-threatening conditions. They ask the government to help make their travel safe. The passengers say going to Congo by the lake has become like (...)