' Voters who didn’t get their cards will use an ID and registration paper in the referendum

Politicians concerned over voting with IDs and registration papers

05-15-2018 Pierre Claver Ndayicariye, Chairman of the National Independent Electoral Commission-CENI says people who missed their voting cards will have the right to vote if they present their IDs and registration papers. “Those who could not get their voting cards will have to use their IDs and registration papers at (...)
' Sylvestre Nyandwi, Burundi Attorney General: “We call on DRC authorities to cooperate in the ongoing investigation”

Inquiry Commission to identify perpetrators of Ruhagarika massacre established, Attorney General says

05-15-2018 A group of people carried out an attack which claimed the lives of 26 people and left 7 others injured in Ruhagarika area of Buganda Commune in Cibitoke western province, in the night of May 11 2018. “The first elements of the investigation reveal that these criminals came from (...)
' A state vehicle during the referendum campaign in Bugendana commune of Gitega province.

OLUCOME denounces the use of State funds

05-14-2018 The chairman of OLUCOME, a corruption watchdog, deplores the use of state vehicles and public funds in the referendum campaign. He also denounces the transport of activists in trucks. “The observatory for the fight against corruption and economic embezzlement, OLUCOME, is taken aback by the use of government-owned vehicles (...)
' La une

Referendum campaign

05-14-2018 The “Yes” or “No” campaign for constitutional revision is in ongoing. While some appreciate a smooth process, others speak of a campaign of intimidation.   Mabanda : The Imbonerakure, real lawmakers Since the beginning of the referendum campaign, the Imbonerakure- youth affiliated to the ruling party-reign supreme. On Friday (...)
' The inhabitants of Ruhagarika area in great consternation

Buganda: 26 dead and 7 wounded in an attack

05-12-2018 Twenty four people died on the spot and two others at the hospital after their evacuation in Bujumbura city. This has been said this Saturday, May 12, by Alain-Guillaume Bunyoni, Minister of Public Security, after an attack perpetrated in the night of this Friday in Ruhagarika area of Buganda (...)
' Displaced Somalis fetching water from taps installed by Burundian troops

Withdrawal of AMISOM, “Gradual process”

05-11-2018 Resolution 2372 provides for the withdrawal of troops from the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) by 2021. However, this operation will take into account the realities on the ground. “Indeed, this resolution states that in 2021, the transition will have to be completed. But, it stipulates that this (...)
' Voters who didn’t get their cards will use an ID and registration paper in the referendum

Population asks for increase of distributors of voting cards

05-10-2018 The activity of distributing voting cards to the population began this Thursday, May 9 all over the country. At various registration centers in Bujumbura city where Iwacu passed, people were in the queues and some could be heard expressing their discontent. At Lycée Municipal Musaga, in Muha commune, activities (...)
' University of Burundi, Mutanga Campus.

Some students denounce torture by fellows on Mutanga campus every night

05-09-2018 A number of students from the University of Burundi, Mutanga Campus, accuse their fellows affiliated to the ruling CNDD-FDD, also members of a joint security committee of torturing them. The victims demand that security be ensured by the police. The chief of the police station in charge of ensuring (...)
' International observers were sent to monitor the conduct of the 2015 elections in Burundi

“No foreign observers for upcoming referendum so far”, says CENI

05-09-2018 Prosper Ntahorwamiye, Communication Commissioner at the National Independent Electoral Commission-CENI has said the commission is still waiting for the lists of international observers. “CENI hasn’t so far got the list of international organizations that wish to monitor this referendum and this is done through diplomatic missions,” says Ntahorwamiye. He (...)
' International observers were sent to monitor the conduct of the 2015 elections in Burundi

“Amizero y’Abarundi” has right to call people to vote “Yes” or “No”

05-08-2018 Prosper Ntahorwamiye, Spokesperson for the National Independent Electoral Commission-CENI says the coalition of independents “Amizero y’Abarundi” has registered at the National Electoral Commission to run the campaign for the constitutional referendum scheduled for 17 May 2018. “As they have the right to conduct the referendum campaign, they also have (...)
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