' Bujumbura Residents from neighborhoods where protests took place fear the draft bill to be revised targets their areas

Bujumbura residents gripped by fear over night search without warrant

05-16-2017 During the cabinet meeting from 10 to 12 May, the Minister of Justice presented a draft bill on the revision of the code of criminal procedure. For some serious offenses that are exhaustively enumerated, the search warrant is not required and the night search is also authorized. “We fear (...)
' Yoweri KagutaMuseveni, Mediator in the Burundi conflict

Mediation commitment gives hope for acceleration of inter-Burundian dialogue process

05-16-2017 Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, Mediator in Burundi conflict, declared on 14 May that he would highlight the Burundian issue in the upcoming summit of East African Community Heads of State (EAC) scheduled on 20 May 2017. Politicians hope that his firm commitment to end the crisis may accelerate the (...)
' President Pierre Nkurunziza received, on 12 May, the report of the National Commission for Internal Dialogue suggesting the amendment to the constitution

Politicians differ over commission to amend Constitution

05-15-2017 On 12 May, Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza appointed 15 members of a commission in charge of proposing the draft on the amendment to the Constitution. Politicians’ opinions over the commission are divergent. Pascal Ngendakuriyo, the current president of the Special Court of Lands and other Property was appointed Chairperson (...)
' Agathon Rwasa: “They are in CNDD-FDD’s camp”

Agathon Rwasa: “They are in CNDD-FDD’s camp”

05-15-2017 Adolphe Banyikwa , MP from Amizero y’Abarundi political coalition and a group of his sympathizers have recently joined FNL party. Agathon Rwasa, the leader of the coalition, speaks of treason. Written by Agnès Ndirubusa and translated by Ngendakumana Pierre Emmanuel The weekend of 6-7 May 2017 was a good (...)
' ‘No term limit, amend constitution,’ says commission for national dialogue

‘No term limit, amend constitution,’ says commission for national dialogue

05-13-2017 The National Commission for the Inter-Burundian Dialogue (CNDI) has just delivered to the Head of State the final report on the activities it has carried out since its implementation on 23 October 2015. “The majority of Burundians consulted support the suppression of the presidential term limits and stand for (...)
' Burundi MPs in Kigobe Congress Hall

Parliamentarians demand EU to lift sanctions against Burundi

05-11-2017 The Burundian parliament urges ACP–EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly to propose a draft resolution requesting the lifting of sanctions imposed upon Burundi. According to these parliamentarians, the political and security situation has improved significantly. Both the upper and lower chambers of the parliament appeal to the EU and the member (...)
' Journalists were allowed to take images of the workshop.

Military cooperation helps modernise Burundi army

05-10-2017 The Military cooperation helps Burundi troops acquire knowledge they could not get otherwise. Military cooperation with foreign countries helps members of Burundi armed forces get training that it is not offered in the country. Some of the countries that have military cooperation with Burundi assist in “training our troops (...)
' Radar guns were first used in Burundi on the eve of 2016 year ending festivities.

Speed limit violation, first cause of road accidents in Burundi

05-10-2017 Breaking speed limit causes the majority of traffic accidents in a country that has no sufficient strategies to manage speed. Excessive speed is responsible for most of car accidents nationally, police say. Speed mixed with driving under the influence and the absence of law enforcement officers in the streets (...)
' Wolfram Vetter: “All stakeholders must demonstrate their willingness to participate in the dialogue without any precondition”.

EU for inclusive dialogue to end Burundi crisis

05-10-2017 “Let us be clear, the situation in Burundi has not yet normalized since the 2015 events,” says Wolfram Vetter, EU Ambassador to Burundi, on the celebration of the Europe Day, on 9 May. He says peace is still fragile and superficial in Burundi. “Cases of human rights violations, torture (...)
' Hearing of people forgotten in Arusha talks

Hearing of people forgotten in Arusha talks

05-08-2017 The office of the facilitation of inter-Burundi dialogue was in Bujumbura until Friday 5th April to gather the grievances of those who have not been to Arusha. “We came to listen to those who were absent at the 3rd Arusha session,” said the Head of the facilitation delegation, Kenyan (...)