' Prince Louis Rwagasore, UPRONA party founder and hero of Burundi independence

UPRONA party factions far from reuniting…

09-18-2017 UPRONA party commemorates the 56th anniversary after its victory on 18th September 1961. It is currently divided into three factions which seem to be far from becoming one again. Though every faction claims to be the UPRONA that follows the legacy of Rwagasore, they all recognize their division. After (...)
' About thirty Burundian asylum seekers died in a clash with the Congolese Security forces

Burundi Government urges DRC to clarify killings of Burundians in Kamanyola

09-18-2017 At least 39 Burundian asylum seekers have been killed while 127 others seriously wounded in a clash with Congolese Security forces this 15 September. Burundi government urges the DRC, UNHCR and MONUSCO to shed light on their death circumstances. The government of Burundi recommends the DRC government, UN Refugee (...)
' Mr. Habarugira was abducted in Avenue Nyankoni.

Abduction for political motives?

09-18-2017 In the morning of Tuesday, 12 September, Léopold Habarugira, Executive member of UPD-Zigamibanga party, not officially recognized by the Government, was abducted. His family is worried. Reactions over his kidnapping arise from all sides. Written by Agnès Ndirubusa & Rénovat Ndabashinze and translated by Pierre Emmanuel Ngendakumana. It was (...)
' Jean de Dieu Mutabazi “We are on the right way though there is still a long way to go”

Is power separation reality in Burundi?

09-17-2017 The International Day of Democracy which is celebrated yearly on 15 September seems to be a bone of contention among Burundian politicians. Some say there is democracy while others say the opposite. Power separation is the basis of their argument. The separation of power is one of the fundamental (...)
' MPs in plenary session

Burundian parliament to examine UN Commission of Inquiry report

09-15-2017 Burundi Parliament spokesman Alexis Badian Ndayihimbaze said on 14 September that the National Assembly has sent a letter to the Chairman of the UN Security Council informing him about the establishment of a special commission. The latter will assess the content of the report on Burundi published on 4 (...)
' The attacked UN Commissioner for Human Rights Compound

Armed Group attacked UNHCHR office in Bujumbura.

09-14-2017 A group of armed men broke into the compound of the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Burundi. The police say investigations are under way to identify the criminals. A group of armed men invaded the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human (...)
' Léopold Habarugira

Family of Habarugira worried about his security

09-13-2017 After the abduction of Léopold Habarugira, a member of the political party-Union for Peace and Development [UPD] in the early morning of 12 September, his family says it is much concerned about his security. He was abducted in Mutanga-Nord in northern Bujumbura by a group of four people, one (...)
' Buhinyuza residents at the house of Jeanine Ntakarutimana

Four people killed in gun attack in Bujumbura

09-12-2017 Armed civilians opened fire on makers of “Kanyanga”, a prohibited drink in Buhinyuza area. Four people died immediately and two others were seriously injured. Police say the criminals have not been identified so far. Residents ask the government to protect its people. Yesterday night around 10 pm, men in (...)
' Philippe Nzobonariba

Government calls for international survey on exact figures of Burundian refugees

09-12-2017 Burundi Government says it still wonders why UNHCR still prevents refugees from returning home and continues to publish untrue figures. “Either the number is high or there are people pretending to be Burundian refugees when in fact they are not. Thus, there must be a hidden interest behind all (...)
' Musaga zone, where the two arrested local chiefs were working

Two local chiefs arrested in Muha commune

09-12-2017 The National Intelligence Service-SNR arrested two local chiefs from Musaga zone of Muha commune in the capital Bujumbura. They were later transferred to Mpimba prison after a trial.The motive behind their arrest is still unclear. Ntahombasigiye Emmanuel, Kinanira I district chief and Ntimpirangeza Alexis, Gitaramuka district chief are the (...)