' Confusion about Assassination of Environment Minister

Confusion about Assassination of Environment Minister

01-09-2017 Who and why? Grey areas remain over the assassination of Emmanuel Niyonkuru, Minister of Environment, on New Year’s Eve. Iwacu goes back to his last hours and provides an update on the investigation. Written by Fabrice Manirakiza, Agnès Ndirubusa and Hervé Mugisha. Translated by Pierre Emmanuel Ngendakumana While 2017 (...)
' Révérien Ndikuriyo: “Let us combine our efforts to promote peace”.

Senate calls on religious leaders to support peacebuilding efforts

01-07-2017 “Government and religious leaders lead the same people. Some are Christians and others Muslims. Some are even in the insurrectional movement”, said Révérien Ndikuriyo, the Senate speaker, in a meeting with religious leaders in Burundi on 5 January. Relations between the church and the state have been strained since (...)
' Ndayambaje

Police seize $12,500 of illegal goods including stolen food aid

01-07-2017 The police seized a large quantity of counterfeit, illegal or smuggled products in Burundi, a new report has revealed. The December seizure was the result of cooperation between police forces in East Africa designed to tackle transnational crime. In a press release published Friday 6 January, the Director General (...)
' Jérémie Minani

Burundi opposition denounces Mkapa and calls for inclusion of UN and AU in mediation

01-06-2017 Burundi’s opposition platform, CNARED, has said again that former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa, facilitator of crisis talks in Burundi, is not fit for the job. It calls on the East African Community (EAC) to include experts from both the UN and the AU in talks to end the Burundi (...)
' canada

Canada concerned Burundi president to seek fourth term

01-06-2017 The president Pierre Nkurunziza indicated that he will stand for another term if the people want him in the power. Canada has concerns. On Thursday 5th January, the minister of foreign affairs in Canada released a declaration in which he explained his fears for the future in Burundi. “Canada (...)
' Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, African Union Commission Chairwoman:“I urge the Burundian authorities to seek peaceful ways and means to stop this spiral of violence”

AU calls for independent and credible investigation on Burundi crimes

01-04-2017 In a declaration issued on 2 January 2017, Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, African Union Commission Chairwoman, strongly condemns the assassination of Emmanuel Niyonkuru, Burundian Minister of Environment in the night of 31 December 2016. She urges Burundian authorities to seek peaceful means to stop the spiral of violence. “We strongly (...)
' Gabriel Rufyiri,OLUCOME Chairman and Spearhead of  the campaign against high cost of living in Burundi.

Campaign against high cost of living claims inclusive inter-Burundian dialogue

01-04-2017 Burundian campaign against the high cost of living has written to Benjamin Mkapa, the Burundian mediator on 28 December 2017, requesting an inclusive inter-Burundian dialogue as a solution to different problems caused by political instability and economic crisis in Burundi. The campaign, spearheaded by Gabriel Rufyiri, OLUCOME Chairman, says (...)
' Emman

Four arrests in connection with Environment Minister Assassination

01-02-2017 A woman, two guards and the owner of “Chez André” restaurant have been arrested for investigation following the assassination of the Minister of Water and Environment. Emmanuel Niyonkuru, 54, was killed on 1 January by a criminal with a gun at about 00: 45 local time while going back (...)
' Revelation / An incursion goes awry in Eastern DRC

Revelation / An incursion goes awry in Eastern DRC

01-02-2017 All kinds of rumors circulate about the fighting that took place on 21 December in Uvira. Burundian soldiers were killed. On the Burundi side, military communication completely denies the information. FNL fighters led by Nzabampema settled in the area claim the fight and jubilate. Who fought and why? Two (...)
' Baratuza «There are no real Burundian soldiers in Kiliba”

Baratuza «There are no real Burundian soldiers in Kiliba”

12-31-2016 The government has denied media reports of confrontations between soldiers of Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), one of Burundi’s neighbours, in the west of Burundi. The two countries maintain good relations, said Gaspard Baratuza, spokesman for Burundi’s National Defense ministry, on 29 December. According to RFI, (...)