' Burundi  Episcopal Conference “People are still intimidated by local authorities”

Democracy not fully understood in Burundi, say catholic bishops

06-13-2017 In a declaration they issued on 9 June, the Catholic Bishops of Burundi say democracy is not yet fully understood in the country. They say they are concerned about the people who are being intimidated by some administrative officials. The statement by the Episcopal Conference of Burundi says the (...)
' Shops caught fire in “Ndayizamba” Gallery

Shops and sewing machines caught fire in Bujumbura city center

06-13-2017 About forty shops and 104 sewing machines caught fire; clothes for men and women, and other goods went up in smoke. It was around 2p.m. on 11 June when the fire erupted in “Ndayizamba” Gallery, the shop located between the company that supplies water and electricity [Regideso] and “Le (...)
' "The wing of Gashatsi is not independent and has no line to follow" says Tatien Sibomana

“No more wings in Uprona”, said Gashatsi

06-13-2017 Reacting to the declaration of Abel Gashatsi that Uprona is now unified, Tatien Sibomana says Gashatsi works with the ruling party. He also said Uprona has never been divided. On the 11, June, when he was in Muramvya, Abel Gashatsi, Head of Uprona wing known by the government, said (...)
' Burundi charges European Union

Burundi charges European Union

06-12-2017 The Burundian government accuses the European Union of attempting to change the regime in Burundi. The EU denounces the accusations saying they are false. The accusations made in this communiqué issued on June 5 are serious. Bujumbura accuses the EU delegation of not only being involved in sabotaging the (...)
' Expired and falsified drugs seized by the police

Expired and fake drugs seized in Bujumbura

06-10-2017 The police discovered a large quantity of expired and fake drugs in the capital on 8 June. The police seized the drugs from a private house on 3rd Avenue in Muramvya, Kinama. The drugs included suppositories, quinine and paracetamol amongst other things. Two people, the spouse and the brother (...)
' Nothing has been saved from the burning house

House catches fire at “Mutanga Nord”

06-08-2017 Anselme Wakana, the owner of the house says it was around midday on 8 June when the fire broke out in a house located in Inkondo Avenue, Mutanga Nord area in the Ntahangwa commune in the north of the Burundian capital Bujumbura. “Everything in the house has caught alight (...)
' "Our policy is based on the promotion of human rights", says the UE.

EU dismisses Burundi government accusations of its will to destabilize Burundi

06-08-2017 The European Union denies Burundi accusations that it is involved in the destabilization of government institutions. In the statement by the Delegation of the European Union to Burundi on Wednesday 7 June, the EU denies the “false” accusations of its involvement in the destabilization of Burundi security. “The accusations (...)
' High personalities attending the East African Petroleum Conference and Exhibition taking place in Bujumbura from 7 to 9 June 2017

Experts prospected for oil indices in Lake Tanganyika, says Minister of Energy

06-07-2017 Burundi is hosting the 8th East African Petroleum Conference and Exhibition from 7 to 9 June 2017 under the theme ‘East Africa, the emerging hotspot for oil and gas exploration, infrastructure, development and commercialization.’ The East African Community organizes biannual conference and exhibition on the petroleum potential and investment (...)
' The compound in Mutanga –Nord area, north Bujumbura, where the break-in took place

House burglaries cause fear among Bujumbura residents

06-07-2017 Many cases of break-in by armed bandits are increasingly reported in the capital Bujumbura. The police say investigations are ongoing to track down the criminals. On Tuesday, 6th June at around 8a.m, armed gangsters broke into Bénigne’s house in Kinindo zone, Matana Avenue. They came by a car (Probox (...)
' The28th November Boulevard where night attacks often occur

Night theft on the rise on some Bujumbura city streets

06-07-2017 Cases of night robbery are increasing in different corners of Bujumbura city especially along the28th November Boulevard. The victims of the attack ask the police to make regular patrols to protect them. These days, there are many attacks of bandits during the night. Many people complain that these attacks (...)