' Térence Ntahiraja: “The contribution concerns all households”

Burundi: About BIF 5 billion to be collected in households per year for 2020 elections

07-06-2018 In the meeting between the home affairs ministry and governors, a contribution of BIF 2000 is required for each household and BIF 1000 for the category of pupils and students eligible to vote from July. They are all classified in the category of unemployed people. About 2, 150, 000 (...)
' Anne Casper: “The US will give $50,000 as an emergency assistance to the victims of floods”

US Government to give $50,000 as assistance to flood victims in Burundi

07-05-2018 On the occasion of the celebration of the 242nd anniversary of the independence of the USA this July 4th 2018, Ambassador Anne Casper has said the US has been saddened by floods that destroyed people’s houses and washed away their belongings a few months ago. “The US will give (...)
' Burundian returnees from Kenya at Bujumbura International Airport

Forty eight Burundian refugees return from Kenya

07-05-2018 At least 48 Burundians (30 children and 18 adults) from ten households who were refugees in Kenya have arrived at Bujumbura International Airport this Wednesday 4 July. They came from Kakuma refugee camp. Some of them had fled the country in 2000 others in 2015. All of them are (...)
' une2juillet

Commission of Inquiry on Burundi denounces several abuses

07-02-2018 On Wednesday, June 27, the UN commission of inquiry presented its report on Burundi to the Human Rights Council in Geneva. It denounced the persistence of human rights violations. Bujumbura government accuses the commission of being a sound box of all the negative forces. As it was denied access (...)
' sindiso

COMESA to reimburse expenses used in preparations of missed 20th Summit in Burundi

06-28-2018 Following the relocation of the 20th Summit of Heads of State of the Common Market for Southern and Eastern Africa-COMESA, Sindiso Ngwenya, Secretary General said on the BBC that Bujumbura has not reassured the Heads of state of COMESA member states on the security prevailing in Burundi. “The majority (...)
' Muyinga chief town

Man shot dead in Muyinga province

06-28-2018 Jean-Pierre Mumputu, an engineer at Muyinga Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Livestock (DPAE) was killed by unidentified armed people in the night of June 26. The incident took place around 10 p.m. at Kibogoye neighborhood, Muyinga commune in Muyinga province on the avenue commonly known as “kurya Rumonge”, police (...)
' Harry Verweij: “the President’s announcement to leave office in 2020 will surely improve the political situation in Burundi”

Netherlands salutes President’s announcement to leave office in 2020

06-27-2018 Harry Verweij, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Burundi says the president’s announcement not to stand as president in 2020 election is a good sign given the political situation in the country. He says it in a farewell speech during a press conference he held this June 26, 2018. Mr (...)
' Pierre Claver Ndayicariye: “Burundi has just had a great experience in financing on its own the recent referendum”

About BIF 27 billion used for 19 May referendum, says electoral commission

06-27-2018 The National Independent Electoral Commission-CENI has presented its report about the conduct of the 19 May referendum at the National Assembly this Tuesday 26 July 2018. Pierre Claver Ndayicariye, Chairman of the Commission has said the referendum running cost was about 27,1 billion that was only provided by Burundi (...)

Over 250 Burundians expelled from Rwanda arrived within three days, administration says

06-26-2018 The Ntega Commune of Kirundo northern province has welcomed over 250 Burundians from Rwanda since June 23. Philippe Ngabonziza, administrator of Ntega says they would have been expelled by Rwandan authorities because they refused to live in Mahama refugee camp. “They were also suspected of harboring criminals,” says Ngabonziza. (...)
' Domitien Ndihokubwayo: “If we don’t work hard, austerity measures will be maintained”

Burundi Government to contribute BIF 30 billion to 2020 elections from 2018-2019 state budget

06-26-2018 During the presentation of the bill on 2018-2019 state budget at the National Assembly, Domitien Ndihokubwayo, Finance Minister has said the government contribution to the 2020 elections will move from BIF 12, 5 billion in 2018 to BIF 33, 2 billion for this 2018-2019 fiscal year. “This rise is (...)
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