' Léonce Ngendakumana: “The government accuses the opposition because it has been unable to give the reality of what is happening in Burundi”.

Government to request UNSG to replace its staff in Burundi

03-09-2017 Burundi First Vice President Gaston Sindimwo said this 7 March, the UN staff are manipulated by the opposition and give wrong reports to the UN Secretary General. He calls for their replacement. “Burundi Government plans to request the UN Secretary General to replace its staff operating in Burundi”, said (...)
' The UN Security Council holding a consultation on Burundi

Burundi reacts against recent UNSG report

03-08-2017 Burundi Government has written a letter to the UN Security Council as a reaction to the recent UN Secretary General report. It denies the allegations of human rights abuse contained in the report. “This updated note aims to bring your attention that the UNSG report contains some unconfirmed facts (...)
' Polemic exhumations

Polemic exhumations

03-06-2017 On Monday, February 27, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CVR) officially launched the exhumation of buried bones in mass graves in Mwaro central province. Some people say this is not the right moment to carry out such an activity! Directed by Rénovat Ndabashinze & Agnès Ndirubusa, translated by Pierre (...)
' Protesters before UN place in Bujumbura.

National Youth Council calls for mass protest against UN report on Burundi

03-03-2017 The Burundi National Youth Council is calling on all young Burundians to participate in a mass demonstration to be held on 4 March throughout the country. The objective is to protest against the recent report released by the United Nations Secretary General (UNSG) on Burundi. “The report says that (...)
' Nditije

CNARED with new Executive Board

03-02-2017 The National Council for the Respect of the Arusha Agreement and Rules of Law-CNARED, a platform that gathers the opposition in exile and part of the internal opposition, has just elected a new executive board, this 28 February, in Belgium. Charles Nditije, 63, Chairman of Uprona party- the wing (...)
' EALA Burundian MPs during a press conference in Bujumbura

Five Burundi MPs decide to boycott 5th EALA session in Kigali

03-02-2017 Five out of seven Burundian MPs of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA]) announced that they will not participate in the EALA fifth session to be held in Kigali from 5 to 17 March. They say they fear for their safety. “Emérence Bucumi, Léonce Ndarubagiye, Jean Mari Muhirwa, Isabelle (...)
' A fire truck in action

Four Burundian provinces lack fire trucks

03-01-2017 The lack of firefighting equipment and trained personnel is the main challenge faced by the Civil Protection Police Unit. Four provinces namely Bubanza, Cankuzo, Mwaro and Bujumbura are not equipped with fire trucks. “Houses, shops and markets were set on fire in Bujumbura as well as in the country (...)
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Police claim shared responsibility for illegal objects smuggling into prison

02-28-2017 Illegal items seized in Mpimba central prison have shown that security control is lax. The police say guards and penitentiary administration are to blame. In reaction to evidence of the introduction of prohibited objects and products in the prison, Pierre Nkurikiye, the National Police Spokesman, blames both the guards (...)
' Official launch of excavation of bones from mass graves in Mwaro Province

Official launch of excavation of bones from mass graves in Mwaro Province

02-28-2017 The National Commission for Truth and Reconciliation- CVR has started this 27 February to conduct the excavation of bones piled up in mass graves in Gasenyi locality of Makamba zone in Rusaka Commune of Mwaro Province. CVR Members, experts in excavation of bones from mass graves, police officers in (...)
' Jocky Chantal Nkurunziza, Second Deputy Head of Burundi Parliament "Peace prevails in Burundi."

Burundi parliament reacts to APF statement on Burundi current situation

02-28-2017 Jocky Chantal Nkurunziza, Second Deputy Head of Burundi Parliament has issued a statement this Monday 27 February 2017 to react to the declaration of the’ Francophonie’ Parliament (AFP) made on 4 February 2017 on the current situation in Burundi. APF said it is worried about figures spread by the (...)