UNSG Special Envoy to Burundi on visit to Burundi

Michel Kafando, the UN Secretary-General’s special envoy to Burundi is conducting one-week visit to Burundi since 3 September.

Michel Kafando, UNSG Special Envoy to Burundi

Michel Kafando, UNSG Special Envoy to Burundi

Bruno Gumyubumwe, the communication officer at the Office of the UN SG Special Envoy to Burundi, says the purpose of his visit is to consult with Burundi authorities, civil society leaders and politicians. “They will discuss the next 5th and the last round of inter-Burundian dialogue,” Gumyubumwe says.

The delegation of the facilitator in the Burundian conflict made a visit to Bujumbura in mid-August. They met privately with political party leaders, Burundian authorities as well as the diplomatic corps to prepare for the upcoming dialogue session.

The office of the facilitator in the inter-Burundian dialogue plans to resume the peace talks that have broken off for a while.

William Benjamin Mkapa was appointed in March 2016 by the Heads of State of East African Community of which Burundi is member to help Burundians find solution to the crisis that erupted in April 2015, when President Pierre Nkurunziza officially announced his candidacy in 2015 elections.