ICRC proposes master plan to develop drinking water supply by 2030

02-19-2020 The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has given this 18 February a master plan for developing drinking water supply in Bujumbura until 2030 to the Burundian company that distributes water and electricity (REGIDESO). This project will cost nearly $ 88 million. This plan aims to define a (...)

CVR: 1972 victims demand to be supported by the government

02-14-2020 Pierre Claver Ndayicariye, Chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission-CVR says the applicants of testimonies of what happened in 1972 have expressed their wishes to be morally and financially supported by the State. “They accuse the government to be involved in the 1972 killings because the latter were executed (...)

Some Burundian radio journalists forced to work as volunteers

02-14-2020 “I have just worked for more than 5 years without being paid. I preferred to work as a volunteer to avoid staying idle,” says a young journalist working for a community radio station operating in Gitega province in central Burundi on the occasion of the celebration of the World (...)

Economy expert concerned over closure of all forex offices

02-12-2020 Jean Prosper Niyoboke, expert in economy says the decision taken by Burundi Central Bank to close all foreign currency offices will have no impact on the Burundian economy if the government is ready to supply enough foreign currencies as the forex offices did to satisfy their clients. “The exchange (...)

Burundi Central Bank closes all foreign currency exchange offices

02-11-2020 Jean Ciza, Governor of Burundi Central Bank says foreign currency exchange offices didn’t respect the rules set for foreign exchange rate. “The foreign currency dealers bought dollars but they rarely supplied them to the clients,” says Mr. Ciza. He also says foreign currency dealers didn’t use BUREX, the software (...)

Forty women to be screened for cervical cancer

02-07-2020 Jean Marie Harimenshi, Managing Director of Bujumbura Pathology Center-BUJAPATH, a center specialized in the screening and diagnosis of cancer in Burundi, says cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among women in Burundi. “It is a disease that kills women silently. They do not have the courage to (...)

Cancer spread rapidly in Burundi, specialists warn

02-05-2020 “Cancer is spreading dramatically in Burundi as in the world. There are many cases of cancer, “said, Jean Marie Harimenshi, Director of Bujumbura Pathology Center which diagnoses cancer on the occasion of the World Cancer Day celebrated every 4 February. He regrets that the majority of cases are diagnosed (...)

Government ready to prevent desert locusts from invading Burundi

02-05-2020 Following the invasion of desert locusts in the region since the past few days, the Burundian Ministry in charge of Agriculture reported that different measures have been taken to prevent these locusts from invading the country. Déo Guide Rurema, Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock has said that the (...)

Burundi to harvest over 130,000 tons of coffee in 2020/2021 coffee season

01-30-2020 Déo Guide Rurema, Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock has said the 2020/2021 coffee season is very promising. “We expect to collect 136,792 tons of coffee. A good quality coffee will cost BIF 500 per kg while the poor quality will be sold BIF at 250 per kg”, says (...)

7000 bodies identified in fourteen mass graves in Ruvubu site

01-29-2020 The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CVR) has started the activities of exhuming the remains of dead bodies buried in mass graves in Ruvubu site in Karusi province this January 27. Pierre Claver Ndayicariye, CVR Chairman has said that the victims are from Gitega, Karusi, Ruyigi and Muyinga Provinces and (...)