Parents plead for reopening of closed schools one week before new school year

Following the decision of the ministry of education to close the fourth cycle (from 7th to 9th graders) of the fundamental school with poor performance a week before the new school year, parents say their children will not have way to study.

Edouard Ndikumasabo: “The decision comes to worsen the situation”

Edouard Ndikumasabo: “The decision comes to worsen the situation”

Edouard Ndikumasabo, chairman of the national association of parents, pupils and students says the decision taken by the education ministry aims at punishing parents and students while they didn’t make any mistake. “Other “more successful” schools have finished to enroll new students a week before the beginning of the new school year,” he says adding that the ministry of education has already announced that the new school year is set on 10 September.

The parents’ representative says if nothing is done those students with poor performance will wander in the streets and “the decision comes to worsen the situation”, he says.

For Ndikumasabo, the education ministry would have carried out inspection to identify teachers who were not competent. “The general inspection of education would have conducted field visits before the national exam”, he says. The 31 schools that have been closed have the success rate between 0% and 20% in the national exam.

He also says the ministry would have conducted a survey before allowing any private school to open.
Edouard Ndikumasabo calls on the education ministry to reopen those schools and conduct a close follow-up to analyze if those schools fulfil the required educational standards.