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UDHR: Burundi needs financial support to respect human rights

Burundi government appeals to foreign partners to financially support the country so that it can reinforce human rights.

Martin Nivyabandi: “What is needed now is financial support”

Martin Nivyabandi: “What is needed now is financial support”

The Minister in charge of human rights said it during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights-UDHR in Gatumba commune, Bujumbura province this December 10, 2018.

Martin Nivyabandi, Minister in charge of human rights says Burundi has made a considerable step in improving human rights but says it still needs financial support. “For more than 30 years after colonization, Burundians have learned a lot. There are now experts who have studied in different universities and so they can help improve human rights. What is needed now is financial support”.

Mr. Nivyabandi appeals to those who see that there are shortcomings in human rights to come up with solutions instead of tarnishing the image of the country. “It is good to remind the government that jails are overloaded but the solution is to give it some money so that it can construct other prisons. It is good to say that inquiries were not well conducted but it is better to avail financial resources so as to continue them”.

He says the government is ready to put much effort to improve human rights. “During these 70 years, it was not easy but Burundi has made a significant step. It is ready to go forward in improving human rights conditions,” he says, adding that safeguarding human rights is part of the Burundian culture.

He calls on international partners to finance local NGOs and let them handle their problems as they are the ones that know more about their past history. “Foreign NGOs aren’t the ones that will make Burundi respect human rights. There are a department of the government, civil societies, local NGOs, and different commissions namely the truth and reconciliation commission, national commission for human rights…that are in there to help respect human rights. What lacks is financial resources”.

In his speech, the UN representative in Burundi encouraged Burundi to continue improving the human rights situation. He reminded that respecting human rights is the foundation of peace and stability in the country.