Nyabihanga: Three people including two opposition supporters arrested for holding illegal meeting

Stany Ntakarutimana, the representative of the supporters of the political leader Agathon Rwasa in Nyabihanga Commune, Valentin Nzeyimana, Rwasa supporter and Dative Ntabomfise, the wife of the former administrator of Nyabihanga have been detained since yesterday in the cell of the communal police station.

Adrien Ntunzwenimana, the administrator of Nyabihanga “I am not aware of the situation.”

Adrien Ntunzwenimana, the administrator of Nyabihanga “I am not aware of
the situation.”

Source on the sport reports the three people were arrested on December 9 around 1 pm by the agents of the National Intelligence Service (SNR). They were attending a meeting in Kibungere area, Nyabihanga Commune, Mwaro Province in central Burundi.

“About twenty people were participating in an assessment meeting of an infant school that they opened in September when SNR agents break into the meeting room. They targeted the two supporters of Agathon Rwasa and a woman who was leading the meeting,” says the same source.

The communal police commissioner confirms the arrest of three people. “They were arrested by the SNR agents in the Commune. They are reportedly accused of holding an illegal meeting,” he says.

A leader of the opposition in Nyabihanga Commune calls for the release of these people. He accuses local authorities of persecuting political opponents. “These SNR agents were targeting members of the opposition. We are persecuted by the local authorities, “he complains. According to him, the accusation of holding an illegal meeting is a pretext. “They often accuse us of holding meetings illegally. How can people hold an illegal meeting in the daytime?” he wonders. Adrier Ntunzwenimana, the administrator of Nyabihanga indicates that he is not aware of this situation.