Bella Lucia Nininahazwe

Human Right

Newly appointed CNDIH commission committed to working hard for all Burundians

04-26-2019 During the handover of duties and responsibilities between the former and the new team of Burundi National Independent Human Rights Commission-CNDIH, the new president of the commission has promised to work hard for all Burundians. Sixte Vigny Nimuraba, new president of CNDIH has said the newly appointed commissioners will (...)

FFB calls on Burundians to support national team for AFCON 2019

04-26-2019 The chairperson of Burundi Football Federation-FFB has officially launched a campaign to support Intamba mu rugamba national team who will participate in the Africa Cup of Nations to take place in Egypt in June 2019. Révérien Ndikuriyo says Intamba mu rugamba are not only going to represent the country (...)

Natural disasters threaten Bujumbura

04-24-2019 Many houses have already been destroyed and others are about to collapse in different parts of the economic capital of Burundi. An expert says there has been a poor land management. In Kinanira neighborhood of Muha urban commune, the road is about to be destroyed by a ravine which (...)

Burundian artists call for implementation of copyright law

04-23-2019 Eight years after Burundi president signed a decree on copyright protection in 2011, Burundian artists say it has not been applied yet. Yves Kami, a Burundian artist says their works are still unlawfully used while the law was supposed to be applied since 2011. “The law has been introduced (...)

Nyankanda refugee camp opened for Congolese refugees

04-20-2019 A new refugee camp was officially opened this Thursday, 18 April 2019 in Butezi commune of Ruyigi province in the east of Burundi. Nyankanda Refugee camp hosts 300 households with 1162 Congolese mostly women and is established on a perimeter of 77 ha in Munyinya area. Before joining the (...)

Over 130 CNL members arrested since beginning of March

04-19-2019 More than 130 CNL party members have been arrested and most of them were tortured since the official launch of CNL activities, says the party spokesman. Aimé Magera, says that there have been many arrests in different parts of the country since the approval of CNL as a new (...)

Burundian children victims of external and internal slavery

04-18-2019 While 16April is the International Day for the Abolition of Child Slavery, children in Burundi are still victims of both internal and external slavery. Caritas Niyonkuru, 21 years old and mother of one child was a victim of child slavery in 2015.While she was working as a nanny in (...)

One shot dead by policeman in Mugina commune

04-17-2019 A man named Didace Nsanze was killed by a policeman in Rugajo locality, Mugina commune, Cibitoke province this Monday 15April 2019 at around 2 am. According to sources on the spot, both the policeman and the deceased person spent the evening together sharing beer and having discussions. “Both of (...)

Floods threaten Buterere inhabitants

04-11-2019 Some inhabitants of Buterere neighborhood especially in Kinyankonge area say they are threatened by floods. They say they live in fear every time it rains because Kinyankonge river flows into their households and fields. Zainabu Baricako, a mother of four children, says whenever she goes to do her business, (...)

Cibitoke population faces shortage of clean water crisis

04-10-2019 Shortage of safe drinking water in Cibitoke province has been observed in many communes of this western province since early March 2019. They call on the Burundian company in charge of supplying water and electricity- REGIDESO to handle the issue before they catch diseases caused by the lack of (...)