Twa community claims compensation for killed member in Cibitoke

Over a hundred members of Twa community in Rugombo commune of Cibitoke province in the west of Burundi have held a sit-in in the morning of May 6 in front of Cibitoke prosecutor’s office.

Members of Twa Community in Rugombo commune staging a sit-in before Cibitoke High Court

These members of the minority group in the country claim compensation for Dieudonné Bicimpaka, one of them who was killed two weeks ago. The victim is currently kept in the mortuary of Cibitoke hospital. They refused that the local authorities bury the victim before they receive compensation.

The victim’s cousin says Bicimpaka was reported missing after being arrested in the night at his employer’s home where he was working as a cow guard. “He was accused of denouncing the robbery of a cow committed by his boss,” she says

“We want justice to be done. We demand that the murderers of our child be brought to justice,” says N. R, another member of Twa community. He indicates that the victim’s family must know the reasons behind his murder. He claims compensation of BIF 30 million and two cows before the victim is buried.

Jean Marie Bigirindavyi, Cibitoke prosecutor, says three people suspected of being involved in this crime have been arrested. Béatrice Kaderi, administrator of Rugombo commune has promised that the commune will pay the burial costs of the victim and provide victim’s members with food that they will consume during the period of the mourning.