Muyinga : When traders live with dead

06-13-2019 It has been over a year since a market named Ku Gongone was built in a cemetery. Traders and people who go there to bury theirs both agree on the reorganization of the place for the respect for the dead. Cry for deceased people became “a sacrilege” at Ku (...)

Twa community claims compensation for killed member in Cibitoke

05-07-2019 Over a hundred members of Twa community in Rugombo commune of Cibitoke province in the west of Burundi have held a sit-in in the morning of May 6 in front of Cibitoke prosecutor’s office. These members of the minority group in the country claim compensation for Dieudonné Bicimpaka, one (...)

Remains of man dug up in Ndava commune

03-22-2019 The Truth and Reconciliation Commission-CVR, this March 20, dug up the remains of a man reportedly killed in 1993 in Mahonda area in Ndava commune of Mwaro province. Aloys Batungwanayo, CVR commissioner, says the remains of a man identified as Déo Nizigama was discovered during farming activities two months (...)

Burundi Parliament against burial of remains

10-15-2018 Parliamentarians consider the measure by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to bury the remains of the victims as premature. A premature decision. This is the opinion of the representatives of the people on the measure taken by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission-CVR to bury the remains of the victims (...)

Amepci and AC Genocide Cirimoso call on CVR to identify all mass graves

10-07-2018 After the Truth and Reconciliation Commission –CVR announced that it will soon proceed with a decent burial of human remains dug up from mass graves; associations engaged in fighting crimes against humanities call on CVR to identify all mass graves throughout the country. Aloys Batungwanayo, Chairman of the Association (...)

Iwacu pays tribute to Jean Bigirimana, two years after his disappearance

07-22-2018 On Friday, July 22, 2016, Jean Bigirimana, Iwacu journalist was reported missing to not be back any more. This Sunday, July 22, 2018, it was exactly two years day after day since he disappeared. His colleagues reaffirm their commitment to seeking the truth about his going missing and staying (...)

Burundian Environment Minister Buried at Mpanda cemetery

01-10-2017 Emmanuel Niyonkuru, Minister of Water, Environment and Urban Territory, 54, has been buried at Mpanda Cemetery in Bubanza Province, on 10 January. He was shot dead on the New Year’s Eve on his way home. Burial ceremonies of the Minister of Environment have taken place in the capital Bujumbura. (...)

The burial ceremonies of the couple killed at Gard du Nord

11-09-2015 BAYIKENGURUTSE Jenje Samson Desire and his wife Justine KAKUNZE were buried today at the Mpanda graveyard. (...)

Cibitoke/ war crimes

02-20-2015 The arrested rebels were executed by soldiers, policemen and Imbonerakure youth (the ruling party youth wing) during the fighting in Cibitoke Province, in December 2014. IWACU goes to the field.– By Christian Bigirimana and Dieudonné Hakizimana, translated by Diane Uwimana Six questions to understand 1. Have rebels been captured (...)