Month of Ramadan: Burundian politicians called for tolerance

The Burundi Muslim Community (COMIBU) calls for political tolerance for the 2020 elections to be free, peaceful, transparent and inclusive.

Sadiki Kajandi   “Politicians should avoid acts undermining the physical
integrity of human beings”

“Politicians should avoid acts that undermine the physical integrity of human beings. They must also make remarks that strengthen social cohesion,” said Cheikh Sadiki Kajandi Abdallah, the representative of COMIBU.

It was this Monday, May 6th, the date that marked the beginning of the month of Ramadan for Muslims all over the world.

He has said this month will be an opportunity for Burundian Muslims “to implore the Almighty day and night.” “We recite many prayers for our country at this time when we are preparing for critical periods of elections so that God be our pilot, change politicians and dwell in their thoughts, words and deeds,” he has said.

For Sheikh Kajandi, fasting during the Ramadan, 4th pillar of Islam, means love towards the neighbor, generosity, compassion and reconciliation. He reminded Muslims that Ramadan is “a unique opportunity in the year that teaches us to get rid of all sin forever.”
He calls on the Muslims in particular and all the Burundians in general to be peacemakers in fulfilling the will of God.

Translated by Pierre Emmanuel Ngendakumana