Tanzanian Product Exhibition: Tanzanians say they meet many challenges on border

The economic capital of Burundi is hosting a three-day trade fair called ‘Tanzanian Products Exhibition’ organized by the Tanzanian Embassy in Burundi.

Shop of ‘Woiso Original Products’ from Tanzania

It is attended by Burundian and Tanzanian economic operators. On the first day, only half of the planned stands were occupied. Many Tanzanian traders had not yet arrived.
Justin Msigwa, an economic agent exhibiting the products of the Tanzanian company ‘Woiso Original Products’ namely shoes, bags and sandals says he met serious challenges on his way from Tanzania to Burundi.

“I arrived in Bujumbura late in the night. I spent over two hours at Burundi-Tanzanian border without any valid reason. We were obliged to bribe the police officers so that they let us continue our way,” says Msigwa.

He indicates it is the second time he participates in a trade fair held in Burundi. “I am pleased that Burundians showed their interest in our products. Our main purpose to come to Bujumbura is to advertise our products in order to attract Burundian customers as we plan to open a shop in Bujumbura,” adds Musigwa

He, however, says the challenges he met on the street caused him to give up his plan to open up a shop in Bujumbura. “I wonder what will happen if I send my products to be sold in Bujumbura. I have the impression that they can be lost at the border,” he says.

As members of the East African Community, we were expected to enjoy the free movement of people and goods as provided for in the EAC treaty.