Two CNL party members injured in Buringa

Félix Manirakiza, a CNL party representative in Gihanga commune of Bubanza western province, says it was around 10 a.m. when a group of the Imbonerakure- youth affiliated to the ruling party turned up and started destabilizing the activities of opening officially the new party office.

One of the CNL party offices destroyed in Nyabiraba Commune in Bujumbura Province

“CNL party was about to open its office in Buringa zone in Mpanda commune as we had already informed the administration about the activity,” he says.
Suddenly, he adds, they stared stoning our party office. “Fortunately, the police intervened before it’s too late,” he says.

Two CNL members were seriously injured while over ten others were slightly wounded, he adds. Mr Manirakiza accuses the ruling party representatives in Buringa zone in Mpanda commune.
“We plan to file a complaint against them so that they should be punished according to the law,” he says.

Alexandre Ngoragoze, Provincial Secretary of the ruling party in Bubanza province says he will get in contact with CNL leaders in the province and conduct investigations.

“We need to know who gave them the order to disrupt the activities of opening a new office by CNL party activists. Those who will be found guilty will be punished seriously,” he says.
On 21 August, CNL spokesman said more than 20 CNL party offices have been so far vandalized throughout the country.