Journalist under death threat wins media award

05-05-2020 The Burundi Media Regulator [CNC] awarded on 4 May eight prizes to journalists who participated in the contest of Media Award Edition 2020. The prize for newspaper journalists was won by Edouard Nkurunziza working for Iwacu Press Group who has been living in hiding for more than two months. (...)

Four CNL party members arrested in Kiremba

01-03-2020 Benjamin Girukwishaka, CNL party leader in Kiremba commune of Ngozi province says police officers operating in the locality arrested Serges Nzambimana, Cédric Kadafi, Thomas and Désiré Nizigama from Buhama locality in Musasu area of Kiremba commune. “They surrounded their houses in the early morning of January 2. We tried (...)

Bubanza, 4:30 pm

10-27-2019 With some colleagues, the journalist Clarisse Shaka stayed all day in Bubanza for their colleagues Christine, Agnès, Térence, Egide and Adolphe their driver. The story of a day that ends in tears. Saturday, October 26, is exactly the 5th day of detention of our four colleagues and their driver. (...)

Iwacu dismisses CNC accusations

11-23-2018 Léandre Sikuyavuga, Chief Editor of Iwacu Press Group says Iwacu Newspaper has never refused to respond to an invitation or a summons from the national media regulator –CNC. He refers to the accusations that CNC body made against the newspaper this 22 November. “Iwacu is accused of not balancing (...)

Iwacu represents media freedom in Burundi, says Germany Ambassador

04-18-2018 During a visit that he conducted to IWACU Press Group on 17 April, Mr. Thomas Strieder, Ambassador of Germany to Burundi has said “Iwacu represents media freedom in the country.” Ambassador Strieder has said he appreciates the work done by Iwacu despite a number of challenges.”It takes courage to (...)

Happy women’s day to Iwacu women

03-08-2018 Dear colleagues We share this same passion: to inform.It is not always easy.Fortunately ,you are there, with your determination, your courage, this strength behind your smiles.Yes,you sometimes are a little bit “complicated”.We too,it is is true. But without you,Iwacu would not be what it is today.Know that we love (...)

Five janitors fired by Lumitel speak of unfair dismissal

02-02-2018 Lumitel telephone company has dismissed this 1 February five janitors who have been working at the headquarters of this company for over three years. Victims say they were illegally dismissed. They ask to be given their due. “Today, I have gone to work as usual. When I arrived at (...)

Website inaccessibility, technical problem ?

10-20-2017 The websites of some Burundian media are currently inaccessible from Burundi. For experts in the field who have been contacted, it’s a real cause for concern. Since October 10, access to Iwacu website has been disrupted in Burundi, not say that it has been blocked. The same is true (...)
Jean Bigirimana

Burundian Journalists longing to know where Jean Bigirimana is

08-16-2016 On 12 August, three professional associations of Burundian Media have written a letter to President Pierre Nkurunziza to ask him to free the journalist Jean Bigirimana working for Iwacu newspaper abducted since 12 July by the state services as several sources stated. They appeal to Burundi president to urge (...)
Jean Bigirimana

Alert – “Finding Jean” Operation / Mubarazi 2:50 p.m.: a headless corpse has been found!

08-11-2016 A team of civil protection officers alongside Iwacu journalists on the banks of the Mubarazi river. There, the reporters of the newspaper, in search of their missing colleague, Jean Bigirimana, discovered a body thrown into the river last Sunday. Another corpse was found later on.

The extraction of the body (...)