Iwacu dismisses CNC accusations

Léandre Sikuyavuga, Chief Editor of Iwacu Press Group says Iwacu Newspaper has never refused to respond to an invitation or a summons from the national media regulator –CNC.

Iwacu journalists in the newsroom

Iwacu journalists in the newsroom

He refers to the accusations that CNC body made against the newspaper this 22 November. “Iwacu is accused of not balancing information in some articles. We believe that no media is safe from making mistakes. However, may CNC show us where we went wrong. Iwacu always respects this essential principle of balancing information in its daily activities”, says Sikuyavuga.

On Thursday, November 22 after a general assembly with the CNC members to assess the current media situation in the country, Nestor Bankumukunzi, Chairman of CNC said there was a risk of taking more restrictive measures against Iwacu Press Group.

He accuses it of delivering biased information. “Iwacu newspaper has violated the law more than other news organizations especially with regard to the balance of information”, he said without giving more details.

Mr Bankumukunzi has said at least one professional error has been made in the five previously published editions of the newspaper. “Different warnings have been made to correct the errors in vain,” he said before calling on the press group to work in strict compliance with the law.

Léandre Sikuyavuga says Iwacu has always maintained good relations with CNC and constructive solutions have always been found any time there was a disagreement since its creation 10 years ago. “Iwacu hopes to maintain this spirit with the current CNC Chairman like his predecessors and is always available for a meeting with CNC,” says the Chief Editor.