Five janitors fired by Lumitel speak of unfair dismissal

Lumitel telephone company has dismissed this 1 February five janitors who have been working at the headquarters of this company for over three years. Victims say they were illegally dismissed. They ask to be given their due.

Lumitel telephone company

Lumitel telephone company

“Today, I have gone to work as usual. When I arrived at the office, I found a team of new janitors who replaced me and other four men, “said Dismas Ntibangana, one of the dismissed janitors. At the time when Iwacu interviewed him, he was in Lumitel Company office whereas his other four colleagues who were also sacked stayed outside.

“I have to stay in this house because I am not officially dismissed. Security guards prevented my colleagues from entering. They have been trying to kick me out but I resisted, “said Ntibangana, adding that they abused him.

He says the fired employees did not have a letter of dismissal. “We do not even know the reason for our dismissal,” he says.

We demand the letter of dismissal, a certificate of rendered service and the compensation because we had worked for this company for more than 3 years, says Ntibangana.

He accuses the Lumitel management of denying them to sign contracts. “We have just worked for more than 3 years. We asked many times to sign the contracts but in vain. I have just realized they were planning to dismiss us without any problem, “says Ntibangana.

Iwacu contacted Bui Tien Dung, the personnel officer in Lumitel Company but he did not want to pick up.