UPRONA party members swear allegiance to CNDD-FDD party presidential candidate

04-27-2020 The announcement of support for the candidate of the ruling party CNDD-FDD by activists of UPRONA party continues to cause stir. Isidore Mbayahaga, the leader of this camp, denounces mismanagement by the leadership of the party. His former comrades accuse him of being used by the ruling party. On (...)

2020 elections will be smooth, ruling party boss reassures

02-26-2020 Evariste Ndayishimiye, Secretary General of the ruling party CNDD-FDD and presidential candidate for the forthcoming elections has submitted this 25 February his file to the office of the National electoral commission (CENI). He has also submitted the files of CNDD-FDD candidates for the legislative elections. The electoral commission announced (...)

Five CNL party members arrested in Nyabitsinda

11-29-2019 MP Noé Mbonigaba, one of CNL leaders in Ruyigi province says five party members have been arrested in Ndago and Mago areas of Nyabitsinda commune, this November 28. He also says the motives behind this arrest are due to a confrontation that occurred in the locality on November 22. (...)

Sources report widespread arrests in Rumonge

09-06-2019 Leaders of the opposition parties in Rumonge southern province say they are worried about the arrests of their members while political tension has eased after the meeting held by the governor. They demand that the law be respected. Sources report three people including a soldier arrested on September 2 (...)

Seven people detained in Nyarusange for breaking curfew

07-16-2019 At least seven people from the Gasenyi area in Nyarusange commune of Gitega central province have been detained in Gitega jail since 10 July. “They were arrested by the police accompanied by some youth of the ruling party CNDD-FDD around 8 p.m.,” sources say, adding that “five of those (...)

Three CNL members arrested in southern Rumonge

05-14-2019 Three members of the National Congress for Liberty-CNL including the representative of this party in Bugarama Commune of Rumonge in the south of Burundi are detained in the custody of Rumonge National Intelligence Service. The CNL representative in Rumonge denounces political intolerance. Léonidas Nicintije was arrested on 11 May (...)

Three Sahwanya Frodebu party members arrested in Makamba Commune

03-21-2019 Three members of Frodebu party are in police custody since Tuesday 20 March 2019. They are accused of having beaten the Imbonerakure- youth affiliated to the ruling party-CNDD-FDD on Sunday 17 March 2019. The police say some youths affiliated to the ruling party have reported that three members of (...)
Human Right

Government condemns renewal of mandate of UN Commission of Inquiry on Burundi

10-10-2018 “The Government of Burundi has learned with indignation the adoption of the resolution of the UN Human Rights Council at its 39th session held on September 28, 2018 renewing the mandate of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Burundi while it was already rejected, “reads a statement released on (...)

Burundi: Three UN human rights experts declared persona non grata

09-12-2018 Mr. Doudou Diène, Mrs. Lucy Asuagbor, and Mrs.Francoise Hampson, all UN human rights experts, have just been declared persona non grata on the Burundian territory by the government which they had accused of continuous human rights violations. Ezechiel Nibigira, Burundian Minister of Foreign Affairs, says the three UN investigators (...)
Human Right

Burundi: UN Commission of Inquiry still regrets government unwillingness to cooperate

06-28-2018 In a 38th session of the UN Human Rights Council held in Geneva on June 27, Doudou Diène, chairman of the Commission of Inquiry into Burundi has said human rights violations committed in Burundi have been fostered by “a continuing climate of threats and intimidation”. “I regret that Burundi (...)