Three CNL members arrested in southern Rumonge

Three members of the National Congress for Liberty-CNL including the representative of this party in Bugarama Commune of Rumonge in the south of Burundi are detained in the custody of Rumonge National Intelligence Service. The CNL representative in Rumonge denounces political intolerance.

Rumonge province chief town

Léonidas Nicintije was arrested on 11 May for wounding Fabrice Ndayikengurukiye, a member of the ruling CNDD-FDD party in a quarrel between them at Nicintije’s home, a source on the spot says.
Vénérable Masumbuko, the CNL representative in Bugarama commune and Patrick Hakizimana, a CNL member were also arrested over the same case, the same source adds.

Masumbuko was arrested for intervening in this altercation between Nicintije and Ndayishimiye while he even paid for the health care costs of the victim, regrets Obed Ntakiyiruta, the representative of CNL in Rumonge Province.

He says Patrick Hakizimana was arrested because he witnessed the arrest of his friends. Mr Ntakiyiruta believes that Masumbuko and Hakizimana should not be arrested arguing that they were not involved in this confrontation. “Rather, Nicintije defended himself against Ndayikengurukiye who attacked him at his home,” he says.

Mr Ntakiyiruta calls on the local authorities of Rumonge province, the officials of the ruling party CNDD-FDD as well as the judicial agents to foster political tolerance.
He accuses them of intimidating members of CNL, an opposition party, preventing them from conducting their political activities.

“The local authorities arbitrarily arrested our members under the pretext that our party does not have recognized representatives. Now, CNL party is officially represented from the area to the province level. “We wonder why they continue to persecute our members,” he says.

Joachim Manirakiza, the administrator of Bugarama commune, explains that Nicintije was arrested for injuring Ndayikengurukiye. He believes that the CNL representative in Bugarama was complicit in this case. “Why would he pay for the treatment of the victim if he were not involved in this case?” he wonders. He indicates that the three CNL members are detained for investigative reasons. “We are waiting for the results of the investigations.”