Sources report widespread arrests in Rumonge

Leaders of the opposition parties in Rumonge southern province say they are worried about the arrests of their members while political tension has eased after the meeting held by the governor. They demand that the law be respected.

a police station in Rumonge where the arrested people are detained.

Sources report three people including a soldier arrested on September 2 in a household located in Mbuga locality in Kizuka area of Rumonge province in the south of Burundi.

These people were arrested by the head of Kizuka zone along with members of the ruling party CNDD-FDD. They were taken to a military position near Ivyizigiro stadium built in that locality.

Those arrested people are Adrien Nzambimana, member of CNL party of the opposition, Claude Nimubona and Jean-Claude Mutemberezi, an active soldier.

According to the same local sources, the head of the National Intelligence Service in Rumonge province took Adrien Nzambimana and Claude Nimubona to his office to interrogate them.
Police sources indicate that investigations are underway to ensure whether these people are criminals or not.

Political tension eases

A week ago, a young man called Claver Haringingo was arrested by police officers in Gisenyi locality, in Maramvya area in Burambi commune.
The police confirmed the information. Local sources say heavily armed police officers cordoned off the house where the young man resided early in the morning and arrested him.

Although the reason for his arrest was not revealed, this young man would be accused of collaborating with criminal groups. Another person called Mutabazi from Burambi commune was also arrested by police officers on Monday, September 2nd, when he was traveling on a motorcycle from Burambi commune to Rumonge town. He would be charged with possessing a firearm illegally.

Despite these reported arrests in various places, some leaders of the opposition political parties believe that the political climate is gradually easing compared to the past weeks.

They support the recommendations made in the meeting held by the governor of Rumonge with the administrative, police and judicial authorities a week ago to improve the political climate among members of different political parties.

Story written by Félix Nzorubonanya and translated by Lorraine Josiane Manishatse