Five CNL party members arrested in Nyabitsinda

MP Noé Mbonigaba, one of CNL leaders in Ruyigi province says five party members have been arrested in Ndago and Mago areas of Nyabitsinda commune, this November 28. He also says the motives behind this arrest are due to a confrontation that occurred in the locality on November 22.

MP Noé Mbonigaba: “It would be better to release them”

“Members of the CNDD-FDD ruling party from different areas of Ruyigi province gathered at Nyabitsinda commune headquarters. Some of them spent their night in Ndago and Mago areas and persecuted CNL party members”, he said adding that the arrest warrant was given after five days.

“Five are already arrested and detained at the communal dungeon. The relatives of the missing CNL party members are also victims”, he says. MP Mbonigaba also says they are accused of persecuting youths affiliated to the ruling party which is not the case.

MP Noé Mbonigaba pleaded for their release. “It would be better to release them so that they continue their development project. They did nothing which could cost their freedom,” he says.
Gérard Barutwanayo, Secretary General of CNDD-FDD party in Ruyigi province says he ignores what happened. He, however, calls on whoever has been persecuted to file complaints in justice. “We never encourage our youths to commit offenses”, he says.