Unvaccinated children to be vaccinated during week dedicated to Mother and Child Health

About 800,000 pregnant and lactating women, 2 million children under 5 and 5 million boys and girls under the age of 15 will be concerned by the week dedicated to Mother and Child Health launched on June 25 in Nyabikere commune of Karuzi province by the Ministry of Health and its partner.

Pregnant women and children receiving vaccine in Rugombo

The press release issued by UNICEF Burundi on that occasion says that week will be marked by awareness raising for immunization, the counting of children under 5 and pregnant women to identify those who have not respected the schedule of vaccination and those who did not receive additional vitamin.

Unvaccinated or incorrectly vaccinated children will be vaccinated during these four days.

Jeremy Hopkins, UNICEF Representative in Burundi has said the week dedicated to Mother and Child Health “is an opportunity to offer an integrated package of high-impact interventions to improve the health of mothers and children and to enable the most vulnerable groups to have access to health care.”