Youth led organizations engaged in charitable activities despite lack of financial support

09-06-2018 The International Day of Charity is celebrated every year on 5 September. In Burundi, youth led organizations that are dedicated to charity related activities are going well despite the lack of financial support. Arthur Mugisha, co-founder of Youth Building Synergy to end poverty-YBSP, says his association is proud of (...)

Traders in Musaga newly rehabilitated market not satisfied with new stands

06-29-2018 Musaga rehabilitated market in Muha commune has opened this Thursday, June 28th. Some traders say they are not satisfied with the stands they got because they are very small and others are exposed to the sun. “This stand is very small. I used to have enough space for my (...)

Pregnant girls and boys who impregnate them forced to attend vocational schools

06-29-2018 “Any school girl who has been a victim of pregnancy or was forced to get married while she was still studying at the basic or post-basic school is not allowed to return to the formal public or private education system,” reads a note issued on 26 June by the (...)
Human Right

Child Rights Watchdog deplores increasing ill-treatment of school girls in Burundi

06-22-2018 Ferdinand Simbaruhije, Secretary General of the national federation of associations advocating children’s rights in Burundi-FENADEB says the ill-treatment of young school girls is increasing day by day in the country. He refers to the recent case of a school girl who was seriously wounded with a machete on Nyamiyaga (...)

No Hitting Day: “Teachers should administer corrective punishment,” says unionist

05-01-2018 While the world celebrates the No Hitting Day for Children on 30 April, Burundi Teachers’ Union –STEB appreciates the progress made since the physical punishment on children was abolished. “Some teachers used to exaggerate when punishing pupils until they could faint,” says Rémy Nsengiyumva, STEB chairman. He also says (...)
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Nine girls killed after being raped in Burundi, children rights watchdog says

03-30-2018 “We have recorded nine cases of girls, victims of sexual violence leading to their death or injury since June 2017,” reads a statement issued on 29 March by the Burundian National Federation of Child Rights Organizations (FENADEB). The majority of victims are students of secondary school, according to the (...)
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“Burundians must be vigilant about child mistreatment”, says child rights watchdog

03-12-2018 The police have arrested Evariste Minani, 48, a widower from Gitwa Hill, Gatsinda area of Mwumba commune in Ngozi Province, accusing him of raping his 18 old-year daughter. Since 8 March, he is jailed in Ngozi judicial police dungeon. Emmanuel Ndayizeye, administrator of Mwumba Commune says the perpetrator was (...)

Children’s Broadcasting Day: « Children programs contribute to changing mindset”

03-07-2018 Jacques Nshimirimana, Chairman of the Federation of local organizations involved in the child rights-FENADED says children broadcasting programs have improved since 2010. “Producers and journalists are now involved in the production of children rights. They now grant sufficient space to children”, he says. He, however, says journalists are not (...)

Over 20 thousand pupils drop out of school in Ngozi

11-03-2017 School drop-out rate increases in Ngozi Province. Parents say they are worried. Around 20,555 school children dropped out of school in Ngozi Province during the 2016-2017 school-year. The number of boys who abandoned their studies amounts to 10,534 while girls are 10,021. For the post-basic school, the rate also (...)

New threat to wife of missing journalist: “you will soon join him …”

06-21-2017 “We will not be held accountable for your blood”, says the author of the threat. The wife of Jean Bigirimana, the former Iwacu journalist who went missing from July 2016, has received a chilling message threatening her with death, a second threat she has received in the last three (...)