Parents of victim of torture arrested

Police officers have arrested in the night of October 9th, the parents of Yvette Iradukunda, a girl beaten on September 22nd by the administrator of Mugongomaga commune of Bujumbura province. The incident took place at Ijenda area.

Yvette Iradukunda admitted to hospital after being tortured

Sources of Rusaka commune in Mwaro province, the native commune of the victim, report that her parents were arrested on Thursday, October 10th, at around 2 am, by police officers operating in Mugongomanga commune. “We do not know where they were taken. These police officers accused them of tarnishing the image of public institutions,” sources on the spot say. They believe that they are victims of having denounced the torture suffered by their child.

Yvette Iradukunda was beaten on September 22nd by Diomède Ndabahinyuye, administrator of Mungomanga commune without any valid reason. Iwacu investigated this case and spoke with the victim and various other sources including parents of the victim who asked for justice to be done.

Sixte Vigny Nimuraba, chairman of the national commission defending human rights –CNIDH claims to have investigated the torture of Yvette Iradukunda. “We brought the issue to the Ministry of Justice and the Public Prosecutor’s office,” he says adding that both institutions promised to settle the case fairly regardless of the status of the alleged perpetrator of the crime.

CNIDH promises to closely monitor the arrest of the victim’s parents. The parents of the victim have just been detained in Mugongomanga commune prison.

Iwacu contacted Diomede Ndabahinyuye to react to these allegations. Instead of answering, he issued some threats, “You will regret what you did. You relayed false information,” he says.