Basic School


Learning level decreases in Burundi, parents are worried

01-25-2020 “The learning level is gradually decreasing in Burundi schools,” worries Edouard Ndikumasabo, the national representative of parents. It was on the occasion of the International Education Day celebrated on 24 January each year. He refers to the success rate of 14% in the national test of 2019. Ndikumasabo believes (...)

Hanged and his tongue severed. Who killed Corporal Macumi?

01-13-2020 After his death on 29 December, Tharcisse Macumi, a corporal of the 22nd Battalion located in Gitega commune of Gitega province, was found two days later, hanged and his tongue cut in a huge bush on Mwumba hill of the same commune. Who killed him and for what reasons? (...)

Victims of “Kuwinterekwa” flooding in despair

12-24-2019 The victims of the torrential rains that hit “Kuwinterekwa” and Nyabagere neighborhoods in the north of Bujumbura city in the night of December 21 are now sheltered at Kuwinterekwa” basic school. They fear the worst if nothing is done urgently. The situation is still deplorable. On 23 December, streets (...)

Mpimba River threatens Musaga III fundamental school and its surroundings

11-06-2019 Musaga III Basic School located in the south of the Burundian economic capital Bujumbura is gradually collapsing due to a raging torrent of Mpimba River water. The school leaders and the surrounding inhabitants raise the alarm. The concrete wall which used to protect the banks of Mpimba River has (...)

Pupil died in northern Bujumbura due to teacher’s beatings

10-31-2019 A pupil of Carama Basic School in Kinama urban area in the north of Burundi died on October 28. Sources indicate that her death was caused by brutal beatings she received from her teacher. Defenders of the children’s rights condemn corporal punishment in school. Chadia Nishimwe, a 13-year-old girl (...)

High number of Burundian children don’t master reading, says PAADESCO coordinator

10-18-2019 In the context of the celebration of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty this October 17th, the PAADESCO project coordinator has said 42% of children under ten are not good at reading both in Kirundi and foreign languages. Béatrice Samandari, National Coordinator of the project aiming to (...)

Education Ministry deplores discrepancies in trainees’ lists

10-03-2019 At a press briefing held on this October 2nd, Edouard Juma, Spokesman for the Ministry of Education, Technical and Vocational Training has said there have been discrepancies in the lists of the basic school teachers of the first year class who attended the trainings from August 26 to September (...)

Pupils at Mugara II Basic School study in dreadful conditions

09-26-2019 Mugara II Basic School of Rumonge province in the south of Burundi faces severe lack of school equipment. Classrooms of the1st and 2nd grades do not have writing desks. Schoolchildren sit on the stones or on the ground covered with dust when studying while in other classrooms, four pupils (...)

“My buttocks feel relieved since I sit on desk,” says Gasenyi II Basic School pupil

09-17-2019 “I no longer feel pain on my buttocks,” says Nabot, a pupil of Grade 4, at Gasenyi II Basic School, in the north of the economic capital Bujumbura, after his class received some school desks. “Now that I’m sitting on a desk, I feel good,” says Yvan, another schoolboy (...)

Gasenyi II basic school experiences serious lack of desks

09-13-2019 At Gasenyi II Basic School located in Gihosha zone of Ntahangwa commune in the north of Bujumbura, pupils in many classes sit on the floor while studying. Six classrooms at Gasenyi II Basic School have no single desk. Some others have very few desks compared to the high number (...)