Mpimba River threatens Musaga III fundamental school and its surroundings

Musaga III Basic School located in the south of the Burundian economic capital Bujumbura is gradually collapsing due to a raging torrent of Mpimba River water. The school leaders and the surrounding inhabitants raise the alarm.

Mpimba River threatens residents of Musaga

The concrete wall which used to protect the banks of Mpimba River has collapsed and caused the destruction of part of the enclosure of Musaga III Basic School.

Since the beginning of the current rainy season, pupils and all the people living in this locality fear for their safety.

School authorities have forbidden the pupils from approaching the toilets which are about to collapse. “We have increase vigilance. Otherwise, the students risk falling into the river,” says a teacher.

She says that she and her colleagues one day found two children standing at the top of the cliff edge. “Fortunately, they escaped unscathed.” Since then, we fear the worst, she adds.

The people living along Mpimba River have already informed the administration about the alarming situation.
Antoine Rumenyestso, chief of Musaga area, says that this problem will be solved soon.

Contacted, the Ministry of Public Works has promised to react later.