“My buttocks feel relieved since I sit on desk,” says Gasenyi II Basic School pupil

“I no longer feel pain on my buttocks,” says Nabot, a pupil of Grade 4, at Gasenyi II Basic School, in the north of the economic capital Bujumbura, after his class received some school desks.

Pupils of Gasenyi II Basic School enjoy sitting on desks in class

“Now that I’m sitting on a desk, I feel good,” says Yvan, another schoolboy adding that he was tired of sitting on the floor while studying. “I hardly wrote. I could not take all the notes in class, “he says.

Since the beginning of the school year on September 6th, Gasenyi II Basic School faces a serious lack of school desks. The pupils sat on the floor. Some classrooms at Gasenyi II Basic School have no single desk. Pupils in many classrooms sit on the floor while studying. .

On September 13th, this school received about fifty school desks provided by the office of Bujumbura City that were dispatched in two classrooms. Each classroom received 25 desks. Jean-Claude Ntihabose, headmaster of Gasenyi II Basic School indicates that the office of Bujumbura City have provided other 50 desks this Monday 16 September. He also says they are not enough as the school needs 180 desks.

The Director of Education in the Municipality of Bujumbura says this school has to get 150 desks. “It has already received 100 desks,” he says.

The office of Bujumbura City has supplied 650 desks to the Ministry of Education that will be dispatched to different schools according to their needs, Freddy Mbonimpa, Mayor of Bujumbura says.