Education Ministry deplores discrepancies in trainees’ lists

At a press briefing held on this October 2nd, Edouard Juma, Spokesman for the Ministry of Education, Technical and Vocational Training has said there have been discrepancies in the lists of the basic school teachers of the first year class who attended the trainings from August 26 to September 8 this year.

Edouard Juma says people who are responsible for training list discrepancies will be punished

He has also said the Ministry of Education deplores numerous errors found in the lists of training beneficiaries either by omission or replacement.

“After realizing that there are discrepancies in the database, managers started to systematically check the lists to correct errors,” he says, adding that it is the reason behind the late payment of per diems to beneficiaries of the trainings.
Mr. Juma says only a five-day per diem was paid to trainees. “The remaining money will be given to them next week,” he adds.

He also says investigations will be conducted to identify people who are responsible for the discrepancies and severe punishment will be taken against them.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Education adds that the following training sessions will be carefully organized to avoid further discrepancies in lists or other mistakes.

Over 9000 teachers and 4000 principals from all communes of the country attended the intensive trainings organized by the Ministry of Education on new pedagogical approaches and program restructuring.

According to the Ministry of Education, the trainings were and will be held with the support of the World Bank through the project PAADESCO-SHISHIKARA which costs $40 million.