Six people died in landslide in Bujumbura province

A family of six died in a landslide due to flood caused by the torrential rain that fell in the night of this January 18, 2019 in Muyira zone of Kanyosha commune in Bujumbura province.
A whole family made of a husband, his wife and their four children (one girl and three boys died on the spot. “They were in their house, which was destroyed following a landslide caused by that heavy rain,” says a neighbor.

A whole family made of a father, a mother and their four children lost their lives in the accident.

People living in that neighborhood fear that they might suffer the similar fate. “Our houses are built at the bottom of the hills and on a very fragile land. When there are heavy rains and floods, we are exposed to a landslide that may take away our lives at any time,” says a forty-year old man adding that the government should find an urgent solution in order to protect them.

Different damaged things have been recorded in different areas after that heavy rain. Moïse Nkurunziza, police spokesperson, confirms that several houses were flooded and properties destroyed. “In Bujumbura city, 28 houses are reported to have been flooded, 7 destroyed and many properties damaged in many different neighborhoods”.

He also says a fence fell on a house which later collapsed on two children in Buyenzi neighborhood. “They were seriously injured,” he says.

Mr. Nkurunziza also mentions bridges which are about to collapse, water pipes of the company in charge of distributing water and electricity-REGIDESO which were damaged in Bwiza and Buyenzi neighborhoods and some roads which are impassable in Cibitoke neighborhood.