Communication ministry to serve as bridge between journalists and administration

The ministry of communication promised to serve as bridge between journalists and administration.

Frédéric Nahimana: “The ministry is planning to meet the administrative authorities and explain to them about the importance of giving information”.

Mr. Frédéric Nahimana, Minister of Communication, says it when he was presenting his ministry’s achievements for the second semester 2018, this Monday 21 January 2019.

He says he is fully aware that there is an advantage when the administrative authorities deliver information to journalists. “The ministry is aware of the great importance of giving information and have already thought about the strategies to push the administration to feel free while giving information to journalists”.

Mr. Nahimana says his institution is preparing meetings with the administrative authorities to explain to them about the importance of giving information. “They have to know that the information they have should be shared either for their own interests or for the population’s interests”

He also says there are sessions of training for journalists about information management so as to boost trust and confidence between the two. “Some administrative authorities refuse to give information because they don’t trust some journalists or media”.

Mr. Nahimana says his ministry is also planning to run a sensitization campaign among spokespersons for different ministries to raise their awareness of the advantages of sharing information with journalists.

This question arouses after some journalists especially from private media expressed their concern about the administrative authorities who refuse to give them information while they struggle to broadcast the balanced news.