Two MPs elected in Rumonge constituency temporarily expelled from UPRONA

After some members of UPRONA party addressed a correspondence to the chairman of the party asking him to resign, two MPs from Rumonge were excluded from the party. The latter denounce injustice
Gloriose Nimenya, one of the expelled MPs who signed the correspondence says it is illegal to expel them from the party because they showed what is not going well. “We denounced what is wrong for the interest of the party. What rule of the party have we violated?” she wonders

Gloriose Nimenya: “What party’s rule have we violated?”

Mrs. Nimenya wonders if the provincial committee that dismissed them has the right to do so.
She says the best way to stand against them would be to prove wrong the allegations they have presented. “The executive committee of the party would rather show the amount of BIF 100 million we stated in the correspondence is. It should also shed light on the sale of the two plots of land and indicate how the money they got from all the resources stated in the correspondence was used”.
Mrs. Nimenya says such decisions do not honor either the party leaders or the party itself.

In an extraordinary meeting held on January 15 by the executive committee of UPRONA party in Rumonge province, Gloriose Nimenya, Deputy elected in Rumonge constituency and Jean Pierre Ndayahundwa Senator elected in Rumonge constituency were temporarily suspended from the party for having signed a document that disrespects the national leaders of the latter.