Local NGO pleads for political collaboration for smooth running of 2020 elections

Léonce Ngendakumana, Deputy Chairman of Sahwanya FRODEBU party has said the political intolerance is still observed in some areas of the country.

Participants plead for regular meetings to share views on the current situation

“Opposition party offices continue to be destroyed and the political space is gradually becoming more restricted,” he says, adding that their members are intimidated.
It was in the meeting that the Conflict Alert and Prevention Centre –CENAP organized with leaders of political parties, civil society organizations, and religious denominations, MPs… They discussed the prevailing situation and possible solutions to problems that might arise in this period leading to the 2020 elections.

Mr Ngendakumana has said some members of opposition parties are intimidated and added that there are reports of confrontations between young people affiliated to different political parties.

“The situation remains so despite several calls from authorities,” he adds.
As for Casimir Ngendanganya, Chairman of Palipe Agakiza party, members of political parties should strengthen social cohesion and dignity values. “Human rights should be respected and the political space should be broadened,” he says.

Liberate Nakimana, Deputy Director of CENAP, has said the discussion was organized after the centre met young people from 14 provinces.
“They suggested that leaders of political parties meet regularly to exchange views on the prevailing situation.”

She adds that leaders of political parties must understand each other and trust the National Independent Electoral Commission-CENI especially during this run-up to the 2020 elections.
For her, there is a need to prevent any conflict that should arise during the electoral process.