Public administration sector cannot develop without women

The role of Burundian women in the development of the country is irreplaceable. This was said by different authorities during a session on women’s capacity building on public administration this November 07, 2017.

Women leaders in a public administration capacity building session

Women leaders in a public administration capacity building session

“Burundian women play a key role in the development of the country in general and public institution in particular. Burundi has experienced a decade of civil war and this handicapped the development of the country. A woman as a mother was not spared. Women have to know that they play an important role in the promotion of the public sector and governance,” said Gaston Sindimwo, first Vice President.

He added that women are able to do so many things and encourages them to work hard. “Don’t wait to be given 30%, I know you are able and can even have 80 % because you are many in comparison with men and you are powerful enough to achieve what you want. All you need is self confidence and commitment to hard work,” he told women leaders who attended the session.

The UNDP Acting Country Director, Adama Bocar Soko says his institution recognises the importance of women in the governance and decision making. “The UNDP is involved in this activity because it believes in gender equality and women capacity to contribute to the promotion of public administration sector,” he says.

Marie Rose Nizigiyimana, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Public Service says they noticed shortcomings in women’s leadership “There are common complaints about women’s services. We want to remind women leaders of their responsibilities in the promotion of the public administration sector.

Above all, we have invited women leaders so that they spread the word.”
The study conducted by Etienne Ndikumagenge, an expert and lecturer at the National Administration school (ENA), shows that Women are not sufficiently represented in decision making processes.