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COSSESSONA, union that arrested unionists

The two representatives of SYGEPEBU and SEPEDUC trade unions are jailed in Bujumbura. The origin of their imprisonment is the resistance of these unions to forcibly join COSSESSONA, the coalition of teachers’ unions. It’s panic among other affiliates… The two unionists, currently in jail, never thought it would take on such a scale. Gérard Niyongabo […] (...)

REACTIONS: “International support for press freedom in Burundi is real”

The European Parliament today adopted a resolution condemning the continuing deterioration of the human rights situation in Burundi in the run-up to the May 2020 elections. Parliamentarians have called for the release of Iwacu journalists. Tom Gibson of the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) welcomes the resolution. How did CPJ receive this emergency resolution on […] (...)

Hanged and his tongue severed. Who killed Corporal Macumi?

After his death on 29 December, Tharcisse Macumi, a corporal of the 22nd Battalion located in Gitega commune of Gitega province, was found two days later, hanged and his tongue cut in a huge bush on Mwumba hill of the same commune. Who killed him and for what reasons? Iwacu conducted an investigation. Information about […] (...)

Victims of WhatsApp joke

The public prosecutor has demanded that the 4 journalists of Iwacu newspaper and their driver be sentenced to fifteen years in prison over a WhatsApp joke. There are also other penalties. The office of the Director of public prosecutions only based upon a message from Agnès Ndirubusa to incriminate the entire team. A flashback on […] (...)

Burundi President pleads for “fair trial” for Iwacu journalists in jail

After a largely positive assessment he made for almost 15 years as the president of the Republic of Burundi, the recommendations for his successor, Pierre Nkurunziza shed light on the current people’s concerns during a publhttps://www.iwacu-burundi.org/englishnews/wp-admin/profile.phpic broadcast. It was last Thursday, December 26, in Gitega province. Here are some of the answers he gave. Assessment […] (...)

Kirundo / Political intolerance

Livestock and crops of CNL party members under threat Devastated crops, slaughtered cattle in addition to physical assault and imprisonment, persecution against the Inyankamugayo (CNL party members) in Kirundo province seem widespread. Iwacu reporters carried out an investigation in the communes of Kirundo, Busoni and Gitobe. The last two victims are struggling to recover from […] (...)

Rise in food price seriously affects families in Gitega

Food price has drastically increased these days in Gitega central market and shops. Consumers deplore speculation. When one arrives at the central market of Gitega province chief town in central Burundi, stands and stalls are full of products. Standing in front of the business owner, Claudine came to get supplies of oil, corn flour and […] (...)

Persistent fall in foreign currencies causes concerns

The foreign currency stock keeps tumbling down. The Burundi National Bank-BRB explains that this decrease is caused by the decrease in external donations. According to an expert, the current level of currencies reveals that the country’s economy is in danger. He calls on the state to ask for an emergency loan. “The official reserves decreased […] (...)

Where is “Cuma”?

Since his abduction by unknown people on Wednesday, November 20, the whereabouts of Berchmans Misago also known as “Cuma”, a resident of Ntahangwa commune in Bujumbura city, are still unknown. This FNL party veteran very close to Agathon Rwasa, the president of CNL party, was very influential in this party. His disappearance causes concerns. Iwacu […] (...)

Landslides in Mugina: 24 dead and 7 wounded

At least 24 people were killed seven others wounded in the night of December 4th 2019 due to landslides following heavy rains that poured down in Cibitoke province in the west of Burundi. Gikomero, Nyempundu, Rwamagasha and Rukombe hills, all located in Mugina commune of the same province were mostly affected. Local authorities announced a […] (...)