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IWACU English News

They came, they saw, they went back

“Veni, vidi … “, ” I came, I saw…” But like Julius Caesar, they will not say they have “conquered.” In the blazing sun of Saturday, October 5th, two opponents who had fled the country for years arrived at Melchior Ndadaye International Airport. They are the Executive Secretary of the opposition platform in exile-CNARED, Anicet […] (...)

Exclusive interview/Agathon Rwasa: ’’CNL ultimate goal is to gain power”

Political intolerance, the culture of impunity, the speeches of appeasement delivered by various authorities , the return of refugees, coalitions during the elections, the call for the boycott by opposition coalition in exile CFOR, etc… Agathon Rwasa, CNL chairman answers current questions without officialese . Is CNL a constant thorn in CNDD-FDD side? We are […] (...)

Will ceasefire be viable?

A week after the “ceasefire” agreed upon by political party leaders and governors, many meetings are being held to block political intolerance in the country. But the lull is not total as evidenced by clashes that occurred in Burenza locality a few days ago. At least one person died of injuries and eight others were […] (...)

Burundi Second Vice President visits sites where Ebola preparedness activities are conducted

The Second Vice-President of the Republic, Dr. Joseph Butore conducted this Tuesday, August 20, 2019 a field visit to inquire about the progress of the preparedness of Burundi to respond to Ebola Virus Disease. Dr. Joseph Butore said he was satisfied with the step already taken and wished more commitment to prevent a possible case […] (...)

Muyinga / Rugari Who attacked CNL party activists?

CNL militants returning from a ceremony to open their headquarters in Muyinga were ambushed by “criminals” on Sunday (August 18th) in Rugari area. One was killed and others wounded. CNL party members incriminate the Imbonerakure who completely refute the accusation. Two Iwacu reporters conducted the investigation. In Rutoke, one person was killed and another eight […] (...)

Hunt for high school students launched after tearing their uniforms to shreds

A school principal in Bubanza province decided that 10 students who just graduated won’t be awarded with diplomas. He accuses them of having torn apart their uniforms and behaved badly at the end of the state exam. The decision has sparked a lot of reactions. An audio has been circulating on social media. The principal […] (...)

ActionAid concerned about good management of natural resources

“The mining sector influences the living standard, the socio-economic and financial life of countries,” said André Ndereyimana, Policy Advocacy, Research and Communications Advisor at ActionAid Burundi. It was this Friday, August 16th, during a workshop of validation of the study on the ”mobilization of internal resources and the management of natural resources in Burundi” organized […] (...)

Return of CNARED, time for questions

The opposition coalition in exile, CNARED, has announced its willingness to return to the country to participate in the upcoming elections. The decision was praised by the power in place and seen as disconcerting by the opposition. “We are preparing our return to participate in the 2020 elections.” The announcement was made by CNARED after […] (...)

Wave of political intolerance in Rumonge

The destruction or burning of political party offices, arrests, fights between activists, theft of party flags are acts that show the new wave of political intolerance since the past few days. A CNL party office in Gatete area in Rumonge commune was burned by unidentified people during the night of July 30, local administrative sources […] (...)

Human Rights Watch: “Under Siege, Burundi’s Journalists Fight On”

In the context of the third anniversary of the disappearance of Jean Bigirimana, Iwacu journalist on 22 July 2016, Human Rights Watch expresses its concerns over the press situation in Burundi. Iwacu offers below a copy of the opinion piece by Lewis Mudge, the Central Africa director at Human Rights Watch. When a journalist we […] (...)