Five CNL party members arrested in Nyabitsinda

11-29-2019 MP Noé Mbonigaba, one of CNL leaders in Ruyigi province says five party members have been arrested in Ndago and Mago areas of Nyabitsinda commune, this November 28. He also says the motives behind this arrest are due to a confrontation that occurred in the locality on November 22. (...)

Students from Ntare Rugamba University protest against school management

10-16-2019 First final year students of the bachelor’s degree program, in the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Ntare Rugamba University made a sit-in on Tuesday, October 15 in front of the headquarters of the school establishment. They accuse the school management of refusing to give their academic documents. Fifty-three young (...)

Over 5000 SGBV reported cases not brought to justice

04-17-2019 The report of ‘Zero Tolerance’ to Sexual and Gender Based Violence’ campaign reveals that more than 9500 cases of SGBV were reported in 2018, but only 4004 have been brought to justice from 2016 to 2018. Victims of SGBV in Kayanza province The Zero Tolerance Campaign is the seventh (...)

National Land Commission not to receive new complaints from 2021

03-28-2019 Members of the National Commission for Land and other Assets-CNTB have met this 26 March, local residents of Rumonge Province to identify current land-related issues. No new land cases will be received from 2021. Félicien Nduwuburundi, CNTB chairman has said the commission will no longer receive any new case (...)

Gihanga: About fifteen cows died out of more than seventy distributed

01-22-2019 Local farmers from Gihanga commune in Bubanza province received cows as part of a program involved in the fight against hunger. However, they die one after the other due to unknown diseases. Beneficiaries are worried. The provincial official in charge of breeding reassures. Some of the local farmers are (...)

Year to attract more investors, Justice Minister says

10-03-2018 The ministry of Justice has started its new 2018-2019 legal year this 2 October after magistrates have spent one month on holidays. Fighting corruption and accelerating pending files to be the major activities of the ministry. Aimée Laurentine Kanyana, Minister of Justice says the ministry expects to promote dialogue (...)

CNTB warns people who will hamper its activities

07-05-2018 The national commission for lands and other belongings (CNTB) has received over 20 thousands depositions all over the country. Dieudonné Mbonimpa, the spokesperson for this commission, says it when he has met with journalists this July 4, 2018.The commission warns people who will, in any way, disturb its work. (...)

Presidential pardon receivers face problems to reintegrate into their community.

03-27-2018 From social discrimination to failure to behave like other society members, Presidential pardon receivers struggle to reintegrate into their communities. Activist for prisoners’ rights worries about the situation. The released people sometimes face social discrimination. They are most of the time considered as criminals. “It is really difficult for (...)

Public administration sector cannot develop without women

11-07-2017 The role of Burundian women in the development of the country is irreplaceable. This was said by different authorities during a session on women’s capacity building on public administration this November 07, 2017. “Burundian women play a key role in the development of the country in general and public (...)

More than 800 families to quit “their” properties

09-06-2017 Ruyigi High Court has decided to grant a 9 km2 property to a certain Samuel Ntimpeba who would have won a lawsuit against more than 800 families from Butezi commune in Ruyigi province. Around 10,000 people grouped in more than 800 families were given 6 months to leave the (...)