Political leaders deplore political intolerance in Rumonge

Onesphore Mfisumukiza, CNDD party leader in Bururi province says their party flag planted in Magara area of Bugarama commune in Rumonge southern province was stolen by unknown people in the night of 24 July.
Mr. Mfisumukiza describes the act as political intolerance. “We were setting up committees and planting flags in different areas of the province,” he says.

He urges police officers and administrative officials to intervene and conduct investigations to find out who are behind that act. “We want to know those who stole our flag”, he adds.
Erasme Munke, leader of CNL party in Kigwena commune of Rumonge province denounces the detention of its members and the watchman of CNL party office in the locality.

He is accused of facilitating people to organize illegal meetings in the night. CNL leader in Kigwena commune refutes the accusations and asks for evidences.

Both leaders of the opposition parties exhort the administrative officials to organize a meeting with political parties to draw up guidelines to be followed by all to shun violence in the run-up to the 2020 elections.

Juvénal Bigirimana, Rumonge province Governor says all political parties must inform the administrative officials if they want to organize a meeting. “They must indicate the venue and date of the meeting,” he told Isanganiro Radio journalist adding that the authorization to hold a meeting is given to any party which meets the requirements.