Three corpses discovered in southern Burundi within five days

01-24-2020 A dead body was found on the morning of 22 January in Lake Tanganyika. The deputy chairman of the Burundian association of fishermen operating in Lake Tanganyika says the victim is a fisherman called Stanislas Ntikarahera. He had gone missing since the night of 19 January. “He was reported (...)

Political leaders deplore political intolerance in Rumonge

07-26-2019 Onesphore Mfisumukiza, CNDD party leader in Bururi province says their party flag planted in Magara area of Bugarama commune in Rumonge southern province was stolen by unknown people in the night of 24 July. Mr. Mfisumukiza describes the act as political intolerance. “We were setting up committees and planting (...)

Husband kicks his wife out for giving birth to boys only

03-28-2019 A woman of four children from Gitara area in Mugamba Commune of Bururi Province in the south of Burundi says she has been kicked out of her house by her husband. The cause is that she gives birth to boys only. She asks to be reinstated in her rights. (...)

Entrepreneurship as cure for unemployed youths in Matana

12-27-2018 Ligala, prostitution, poverty, unemployment and drug consumption are some of the challenges faced by young high school and university graduates from Matana commune in Bururi province. The Catholic Church has succeeded to gather unemployed youth into an association. It is a huge relief for the unemployed youths of Matana (...)

“Improvements still needed after 2013 general assembly of justice”, says PARCEM

08-09-2018 Five years ago, Burundi government organized a general assembly of justice. Local NGO PARCEM, however, deplores the lack of the report on it and expresses concerns over the implementation of the recommendations. The ministry of Justice reassures. Faustin Ndikumana, chairman of a local NGO that aims at changing people’s (...)

Thirty military candidates from Cibitoke expelled from training to join national army

07-27-2018 Six Noncommissioned Officer Candidates and 24 soldiers from Cibitoke Province were expelled on 20 July from military training taking place in Bururi Province in southern Burundi since 14 July 2018. They say they are victims of the region from which they come. More than 80 military candidates were selected (...)

Batwa community from Bururi recognize their development thanks to World Bank project

10-19-2017 As the world celebrated the day dedicated to poverty eradication this October 17th, Batwa communities from Bururi commune acknowledge the World Bank’s project to protect environment which has given them job and joy to live. Batwa people used to live in extreme poverty, begging, and sometimes stealing which also (...)

Teachers complain about redeployment process

09-05-2017 Dozens of teachers newly redeployed to different schools have staged a sit-in in front of the Ministry of Education since the last week. “This is a grave injustice”, says angrily a teacher who has been moved 50 km away from his home and former school. As many teachers indicated, (...)

Two corpses discovered in Bururi Province

03-14-2017 Local sources say two bodies of a child and man were found in the morning of 13 March in the Siguvyaye River, near Gisanze area, in Bururi commune of the Southern province of Bururi. After recovering the two bodies from the Siguvyaye River, the body of the child was (...)