CNL opposition party refused to establish communal office in Gatumba

In the night of July 24, a grenade was thrown in a house recently rented by CNL, an opposition, in Mushasha I locality of Gatumba area in Mutimbuzi commune of Bujumbura province. The house was supposed to serve as CNL party office in that commune.

The house that provoked disputes between the ruling CNDD-FDD and CNL party in Gatumba area.

Sources on the spot interviewed in the morning of this July 25 believe that this incident is the result of political intolerance.
A flag of the ruling party CNDD-FDD is hanged in front of the attacked house while a stone bearing CNDD-FDD insignia is deposited near the same house.

The same sources claim that the stone bearing CNDD-FDD insignia was not there before CNL party paid the rent for that house. “The flag and the stone were planted there after the representatives of CNL party paid money on 11 July as a rent for the house they wanted to make their communal office,” they say.

Hussein Ntahetwa, chief of Gatumba area, calls on CNL officials to comply with the law. Contacted on 25 July, he said that CNL party is not yet officially authorized to operate in Gatumba area. “They must send us a letter informing us that they want to work in the area. Nobody is discriminated in our country. It is governed by democracy.”

In this regard, the representatives of CNL party claim to have sent a correspondence to the communal administrator who says that two political parties cannot establish offices in the same building.

Concerning the grenade explosion, the chief of Gatumba area said that an investigation is under way to identify the perpetrators of the attack. The owner of the attacked house met on the site this 25 July has declined to give any comment.